Anyone got a good seafood chowder recipe?

po69, Aug 22, 1:13am
Wana make 1 for tea tonight.

245sam, Aug 22, 1:17am
po69, try doing a search here on this TM MB using seafood chowder as the Keywords and Last year as the Date posted option.You'll find a choice of recipes from the numerous earlier threads.

Hope that helps.:-))

po69, Aug 22, 1:22am
Will do thanks

solid_citizen, Aug 22, 4:14am
This is a lazy one.Tin smoked fish and juice (lge). Onion. Tin of pea an ham soup. Mussels and shrimps.
Finely chop onion cook in micowave i min stir, and i min again. Transfer to pot. Throw in fish and,soup.heat together at last min throw in chopped mussels and shrimps,cook thru. You can add a bit of milk if you dont like it thick, Serve

solid_citizen, Aug 22, 4:34am
Forgot-- use lge tin of soup and also add sureny (cant spell it)

245sam, Aug 22, 4:58am
solid_citizen, do you mean Surimi!:-))