Looking for a "specific" baking dish? Thanks!

sarahw2, Apr 16, 8:17am
Ok, so let me try to describe it. It is the same shape and size as a muffin pan. But instead of the holes being "round" they are "rectangle", someone might understand what I am trying to say! ! I havent found it anywhere! Warehouse, Farmers, Brisco's...

calista, Apr 16, 8:26am
Sarah you might like to check some of cookessentials listings. I think she may sell these. The other thing is to do a search of Trade Me's baking items (I think they're listed as baking pans) for sale.

pickles7, Apr 16, 8:31am
brioche pan. Jo Seagar has them for sale on her site.

donnabeth, Apr 16, 8:46am
I bought a brioche pan at Hammer Hardware. I love it. I make my date loaf or gingerbread recipes and divide them into the small tins. They are the perfect size to wrap and give as gifts, or to slice for a nice supper for two.

auntlb, Apr 16, 8:52am
In Wgtn we can get them at Moore Wilsons - maybe try a specialty cookware store or similar

lulu239, Apr 17, 1:45am
sarah, I think what you are wanting is a petite loaf pan. They are obtainable at Cookware Essentials. Have a look. http://www.cookwareessent-
ials.co.nz/baking-tins-c-30. ht-
ml? osCsid=rsi3ftcujnlnipqh9b7m-

lulu239, Apr 17, 2:52am
I meant to add that these have 8 holes in the tray.

lindar, Apr 17, 3:15am
GEM IRONS? ? ? look like big icecube trays

jubli, Apr 17, 4:47am
I bought mine from Brsicoes in Hamilton a couple of years ago and they are fantastic - not only for baking but also individual meat loaves etc

southerngurl, Apr 17, 7:08am
we got them from spotilight in the kitchen area for 20 dollars each.

taruawai, Apr 17, 8:41am
I know what your talking about and I have seen then in the briscoes here in wellington but also in Moore wilsons, so you might want to try somewhere like that...

cookessentials, Apr 17, 8:52am
They are called a petite loaf pan eight cup. They are made by Baker's Secret. Try on Trademe.

echo275, Apr 17, 9:07am
There is one on Trademe now.

sarahw2, Apr 17, 10:37am
Thankyou so much everyone! ! Looking forward to buying one now:-)

korbo, Apr 17, 11:10am
saw those advertised in a mailer, think it was spotlight, but i have seen them and bought them singley at the red shed.
good luck.

lulu239, Apr 17, 8:29pm

buzzy110, Apr 17, 10:54pm
lulu. You probably gave a link to a TM auction. Though you were probably being quite innocent, it is seen as promoting auctions and that isn't allowed on the message boards.

lulu239, Apr 18, 4:20am
Actually buzzy, it was a link to a website. I was naming a company as others have done so in the above messages, not an auction. I don't think I will have an attack of the vapours over it.

cookessentials, Feb 11, 6:01am
Oh lulu, sorry you got caught but buzzy does not allow any links that I have anything to do with LOL. Part of the BB I'm afraid. Now, of course if it was one of the henchmen ( or women) it would be a VERY different story LOL.

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