Feijoa Icecream Recipe Needed

dgmossman, Apr 15, 10:54pm
Has anyone got a good feijoa icecream recipe? We don't have an icecream maker, but apparently you can do it without one? TIA

valentino, Apr 15, 11:48pm
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=24

On the first page, post number 5, is one, by kennymac I think.


susieq9, Apr 16, 3:20am
Feijoa Ice Cream. 4 egg yolkes, 1/2cup castor sugar. Beat until thick. 1 litre cream, 1/2cup castor sugar. Beat until thick. Add together and fold in the yolk mixture. Add 1 cup (or more) of chopped up feijoas. Pour mixture into suitable container and freeze. Have been making this one for years. You can either use the fruit raw or cook it a little first, but don't add any water, and let it cool before adding to the mixture. Delicious.

buzzy110, Apr 16, 3:33am
susieq9"s recipe is delicious and very simple. Even I have been known to make it for guests. It is basically a Semi-Freddo (semi-frozen) ice cream, made to be eaten for a special dessert within a week of making. It goes hard and 'icy' after a few weeks so has to be eaten sooner, rather than later.

dgmossman, Apr 16, 4:48am
Thanks alot!

doug57, Apr 16, 5:20am
Mmmm. . recipe looks yum. . I've saved it to try. I just need the kids to bring me home a bag of fallen feijoas when they are out and about!

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hwp, May 30, 11:26pm
Since there are plenty of feijoas right now I will give this a try. I found this other recipe for feijoa ice-cream a while ago but modified the flavour because they were not in season and they came out pretty well and it's dairy-free!


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