Alison Holst Ultimate Cookbook wanted

anohs63, Aug 10, 2:32am
I would love to get a copy of this book but it is no longer available in shops. Does anyone have one that they no longer use and would like to sell.

bluecalico, Aug 10, 10:11pm
Is it the red cover one!.pretty sure the book outlet in Christchurch sell it.try premier books on line and give them a call.

bluecalico, Aug 10, 10:16pm
Just checked and it has a gold cover.found it on Amazon.for.wait for it.638 POUNDS.yes POUNDS.not sure if a joke.but probably you don't wish to pay that much for one.

co-creations, Aug 10, 10:36pm
just saw there's 3 copies of the red one on trademe for sale

shellz213, Aug 10, 10:42pm
I think it is the gold covered Ultimate Collection that OP is wanting.

245sam, Aug 10, 11:13pm
Alison Holst's 'The Ultimate Collection' is definitely the book with the gold loose cover.The "red cover one" ('The Best of Alison Holst') doesn't have a loose cover - it is the book with the red hard cover.:-))

kiwibubbles, Aug 11, 10:56am
no longer available in the shops! seriously! i only bought mine last year

kiwibubbles, Aug 11, 10:58am
just did a google. appears its "unavailable" on a few websites, BUT this one looks like it has some available: $59.95 here

kiwibubbles, Aug 11, 11:00am
oh sorry - just read the fine print that its out of stock. sorry :(

raewyn64, Aug 11, 8:46pm
I had a look on Book Depository but they didn't have it but linked to a site called Abebooks and their price is 670 pounds!

sam284, Aug 11, 8:51pm
Is it the yellow book with blue writing saying The Ultimate Recipe Collection!I managed to get one on here, just had to keep it on my watch list for a couple of months and it finally came up.good luck

245sam, Aug 12, 1:54am
sam284, Alison Holst's 'The Ultimate Collection' is this one:

Golden (not yellow) loose leaf cover with white lettering.:-))

sam284, Aug 12, 1:59am
Thanks fellow sam, ha.I wish her book titles were a little more ummm varied!

anohs63, Aug 13, 4:37am
Yes, it is the gold cover one, and I dont think that I am going to be able to find a new one to buy, but there may be someone out there who has one sitting in there kitchen collecting dust and they just want to get rid of it to make room for something else. :-))

pink-dragon, Aug 14, 8:23am
Hi anohs63 I listed this book last night and just saw this thread.Listing # 503493899.The first ultimate collectionhas a yellow cover and says 1200 recipes but is identical to the gold one I have listed.

anohs63, Aug 17, 2:31am
Hi pink-dragon.Just looked at your listing and that is the book Im after. I would really like to buy it now but I see you already have a bid on it so I will just have to try my luck and win your auction. Thanks for letting me know about it.

nik12, Aug 17, 9:29am
I've got on which I don't want to sell but I would consider for 670 pound lol!

anohs63, Aug 20, 8:10am
No I dont want to pay 670 pound lol and I have just missed winning pink dragons copy ( it didnt show up on my computor that I was outbid) so if there is still someone out there who has one for sale I am most interested in hearing from you.

anohs63, Aug 28, 2:58am
thank you all for your help but i am happy to say I have managed to get one now.

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