How to soften butter?, Jul 24, 8:08pm
I need to make and ice a couple of doll cakes using Italian or Swiss Meringue frosting, first time I've done this in the depths of winter.Internet no use, they all say to bring the butter to room temperature.Hah!that won't do any good in this house!

The butter needs to be pretty much just the right temperature for this, with no trace of melting.Apparently the microwave isn't a good idea, since it tends to leave spots that are too soft and therefore mess up the meringue.

Your favourite tricks please!

grannypam, Jul 24, 8:10pm
put your butter in the hot water cupboard.

crazycolt, Jul 24, 8:10pm
grate it and 5-10 sec intervils in microwave or 1st step and put in warm place, Jul 24, 8:30pm
grannypam:thanks, but I don't have one!The drawbacks of instant gas thingy!

crazycolt - grating's a good idea, might do that and maybe wave it over a warm crockpot or something.

pericles, Jul 24, 8:33pm
warm water in the sink !, Jul 24, 8:35pm
Actually, that should work well, should have thought of that.I could keep the water at a low temperature, so it couldn't get too soft.

figjam000, Jul 24, 8:42pm
pop butter on a plate and sit over a bowl of hot water, or saucepan of hot water until soft, but not melted.

kiwitrish, Jul 24, 8:49pm
Use Martha Stewarts recipe and no problems about butter melting., Jul 25, 12:55am
Thanks for all the advice.I'll get onto it now, grate it or slice finely then heat a bit.

valentino, Jul 25, 4:49am
Just beat it in a cake mixer with a smaller bowl like a creaming effect but only go as far as you want the texture to be.

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