Where can I buy (dark) Compounded Chocolate from?

carlosjackal, Aug 4, 8:51am
I need to buy dark Compounded Chocolate but have never heard of it before. Is it easy to come by!

bunny51, Aug 4, 9:10am
THink you can get it in the supermarket. (Think it is the same as those cooking chocolate bars you can get in the baking section)

marcs, Aug 4, 10:27am
Nestle buttons are compound chocolate or plastowie ones as well.

carlosjackal, Aug 4, 11:25am
Thanks very much.my next question is what exactly IS compounded chocolate! I haven't heard of it before. Thanks in advance.

245sam, Aug 4, 11:33am

"Compound chocolate is a less-expensive non-chocolate product replacement made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat, and sweeteners. It may also be known as "compound coating", or chocolatey coating when used as a coating for candy.

Often used in lower-grade candy bars, compound chocolate is designed to simulate enrobed chocolate on a product. It costs less than chocolate, as it uses less expensive hard vegetable fats and tropical fats such as coconut oil and palm kernel oil in place of the more expensive cocoa butter as its fat source.

Cocoa butter must be tempered to maintain gloss and coating. A baker tempers chocolate by cooling the chocolate mass below its setting point, then re-warming the chocolate to between 31 °C and 32 °C for milk chocolate, or between 32 °C and 33 °C for semi-sweet chocolate. Compound coatings, however, do not need to be tempered. Instead, they're simply warmed to between 3 °C and 5 °C above the coating's melting point.":-))

carlosjackal, Aug 4, 11:52am
Thanks 245sam, it's interesting.

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