Lamb chops

shellz596, Aug 8, 12:56am
what do you do with them thatsnice, I have six to cook up,
cheers, shellz

jaygee1962, Aug 8, 8:12pm
I used the greek marinade recipe off Tuesday's (or maybe Monday's) Aussie Masterchef master class.They used ribs but the chops worked just fine.Nice easy recipe with all ingredients on hand.Only complaint I got wasthere wasn't enough! :)

destiny6nz, Aug 8, 11:47pm
i bake them in the oven in a sauce made up of an equal portions of tomato sauce and soy sauce with lots of onions or in rosemary and mint sauce

nik12, Aug 9, 10:55am
I just roast them putting a sprinkle of mushroom stock over each one, then repeating when I turn.

lythande1, Aug 9, 6:23pm
Creole Lamb.

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