Substitute for demerara sugar

maggierush, Jul 7, 12:46am
I have a recipe for a raspberry and chocolate chip cake.For the topping it requires raspberries and demerara sugar, I don't have any demerarasugar on hand, what could I use instead! I've got brown, and white, may have a packet of raw, buried somewhere in the deep dark reaches of my cupboard. Or would i be better to wait and get some demerara before I make this cake!

geldof, Jul 7, 12:54am
raw or white is fine.

maggierush, Jul 7, 1:02am
Cool, thanks, I'll see if I have the raw, but if not, I have plenty of white. Appreciate your input.

sarahb5, Jul 7, 2:57am
I'd use brown - I never see demerara in the shops now, only soft brown and I use that for all recipes that say demerara as the flavour is closer

geldof, Jul 7, 3:08am
I was thinking of texture, as it's for a topping.
If it's to be melted anyway, then yes brown, for flavour.

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