Jam sugar

roshni2, Dec 3, 10:21pm
I know I've seen it in the supermarket before, but now I need it I can't find it! Looked in Pak n Save and New World. Does anyone know where else it might be stocked? Or what can be substituted?

noonesgirl, Dec 3, 10:45pm
Try adding pectin or lemon juice to the sugar.

roshni2, Dec 3, 11:02pm
Thank you. And where would I ffind pectin?

horizons_, Dec 4, 12:14am
Its even scarcer than hens teeth. if you find some let us know. I haven't been able to find pectin for 2 years here in Nelson. I googled and make my own now.

noonesgirl, Dec 4, 1:04am
I would check out the section of S.M where jam covers etc. Might have some luck. We have an old Grocery shop here that stocks all sorts of 'old' timeproducts.

duckmoon, Dec 4, 2:05am
I use regular sugar and I purchase a packet of "jam setting mix" - which is pectan... I find it in the aisle with jam jars, and utensils and saucepans and those sort of things.

I shop at a new world, I suspect that PnS wouldn't stock it.

lilyfield, Dec 4, 2:10am
duckmoon is on to it. Not that i have ever needed pectin in 50 years of jam making.lemon juice or a bit of rhubarb does it too.

horizons_, Dec 4, 5:56am
Jam setting mix has other stuff in it too, but haven't seen any of that on the shelves in Nelson either. Supermarkets have no idea what it is for. Jam sugar is available though. I use pectin for making herb jellies, no apple or lemon in the recipe, Just herbs, water and sugar so need the pectin. O'wise as stated, lemon or rubarb work fine.

korbo, Dec 4, 8:26am
I have just made some strawberry jam, and used the king setting mix.forgot about the lemon. anyway, it has set and tastes so yummy.
never know how you get rid of the frothy scum stuff on the top tho.

jag5, Dec 4, 8:46am
Towards the end, add a knob of butter.....not sure how it works, but helps get rid of the froth/scum.

Works every time

cookessentials, Dec 4, 9:24am
I use caster sugar because it dissolves far more quickly and gives a brighter,clearer jam and it sets beautifully every time.

lilyfield, Dec 4, 5:56pm
a knob of butter(or marg) works. But I also skim off any remaining scum onto a saucer and eat that first.

roshni2, Dec 5, 6:26pm
Thanks guys! Will have a look for jam setting mix. I'm making Nigella's red pepper jelly for Christmas pressies.

hoonguek, Dec 5, 9:13pm
i know that chelsea sugar has a product called Jam setting Sugar and according to their ad, it's guaranteed to work. i have not tried it myself. i know that New World sells the pectin and the Chelsea GI sugar but have not particularly looked for the Jam setting Sugar. u might like to try it.

leicester2, Dec 16, 9:43am
Yes roshni2 - jam setting sugar is what you want and my daughter just bought some last week at Countdown.Coincidentally she was using Nigella's cookbook too to make her Red Chillies and Red Peppers Jam.She was so thrilled with the end result that she then went on to make Nigella's Christmas Chutney while she was on a roll.

anne1955, Dec 16, 10:23am
Total wate of effort I make and sell jam..use either jam set available at super markets..or depending on how much use a packet of jelly or to in the same colour...

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