cold corned beef

rogerarthur, Apr 12, 10:06pm
Any suggestions for recipes for cold corned beef.

red2, Apr 12, 11:25pm
makes the best sandwiches ! !

tommi2, Apr 13, 1:33am
Popeye's Corned Beef Casserole
Chop the corned beef into smallish chunks. Slice onions, tomatoes and cooked potatoes.
Layer everything in a casserole putting a good white sauce or cheese sauce in amoungst the layers when building.
Top with grated cheese or breadcrumbs and cheese. And either heat in microwave then grill or bake in oven till hot and grill if need be for colour

margyr, Apr 13, 1:35am
you can mince or chop it up really fine, fry some onion, also some cabbage, add the meat, some tomato relish and a tin of tomato, put this in a pie or casserole dish, put mashed potato on the top, sprinkle with cheese and bake till golden.

margyr, Apr 13, 1:36am
or make up your meat mixture, mix together with mashed potato and an egg to bind, dip them in bread crumbs and shallow fry.

fisher, Apr 13, 1:49am
yup... slice c/beef up into tiny cubes, add into mashed potatoes with white pepper , little salt, fine chopped parsley and some small florets of steamed veges, all folded in. Form into cakes and dip/press into "coat and cook" or bread crumbs and fry gently till golden brown. . turning as required. . Remember, everything is already cooked so a nice golden brown on the crumbs is all that's needed. . serve with honeyed carrots and parsley buttered beans on the side...

speedy_11, Apr 13, 2:12am
I am going to have to cook corned beef this week now, just so I can do THAT afterward!

79xcford, Apr 13, 8:06am
cut up and put thru a pasta and creamy sauce with peas... quick and easy

whitehead., Apr 13, 10:26am
its great sliced thick and fried till brown on both sides

dpeni, Apr 13, 10:33am
Ohhhhh that sounds yummy. I have to try that one

twindizzy, Apr 13, 10:46am
White bread
Cold corned beef
English Mustard

tamzyn5, Feb 4, 2:42am
I bought a creamy carbonara pasta sauce today, that sounds ideal will try that

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