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bedazzledjewels, Jun 17, 2:39am
It starts on TV1 weekdays late afternoon at 4.45 I think.

I saw a couple of programmes from this series when I was over there recently. There are some characters in it - of course!
Bring it on!

rrrg, Jun 17, 2:59am
I hope its better than our feeble effort

marcs, Jun 17, 3:12am
Is it the one that is currently being shown in Auzzie or last years one!.There are some characters in this current one.

mwood, Jun 17, 3:28am
Monday June 18th from 4.55pm: Brand new season : Hundreds of hopefuls audition for a place in the top 50 and the chance to become Australia's next MasterChef.

lodgelocum, Jun 17, 4:43am
I so much prefer the Aussie show than ours.bring it on

strebor1, Jun 17, 5:26am
Yes, I will put the fire on and finish work early every day now, a good excuse to do so. I do really enjoy the Australian series and also the English, hope we get another of theirs as well.I can't believe out of all the good cooks we have here, that we wind up with who we do, participating.

motorbo, Jun 17, 5:51am
keep watching as some big names will appaear in it this year

leebee35, Jun 17, 7:42am
Look at the stupid time . we are still at work at that time!

mary92, Jun 17, 7:46am
Gee have to get my A into G so as I can watch it. Yes I agree theone that has just finished was awful stopped watching it

tinkagirl, Jun 17, 8:00am
I really enjoyed the NZ show, apart from Simons voice P.g us off it was really nail biting.

tinkagirl, Jun 17, 8:01am
Anna was an amazing cook, I would buy her book.

marcs, Jun 17, 8:13am
Looks like it is the current season that is still playing here. There are some really good cooks on there.

davidt4, Jun 17, 8:28am
Get a DVD recorder and then you don't have to worry about missing it, and you can can fast-forward through the advertising.

chooky, Jun 17, 11:52am

bedazzledjewels, Jun 17, 7:56pm
I saw a couple of episodes over there recently and it looks quite good. I loved the bubbly Muslim girl. She's fantastic! I saw a challenge between 3 of them against 3 sushi chefs using raw ingredients only for 3 courses. The chosen compulsory ingredient was kiwifruit - and that was really interesting! The knife skills of those professionals were amazing!

ursula4, Jun 17, 11:53pm
ME TOO! cant wait!

mattdylan, Jun 18, 2:09am
i usually watch it on demand it's so good!

bedazzledjewels, Jun 18, 4:44am
Time to make a coffee - or pour a wine - and settle back!

mwood, Jun 18, 4:49am
*pours a limoncello*

spot20, Jun 18, 5:58am
Hooked already!

bedazzledjewels, Jun 18, 6:04am
That was gooood! And there's more with the Juniors tackling chocolate tonight. Heaven!

mwood, Jun 18, 6:26am
yep the usual suspects - I'm just about over George and the Oscar Wilde wannabe tho.

bedazzledjewels, Jun 18, 6:30am
Matt's clothes are always interesting (cough!)

mwood, Jun 18, 10:50pm
I think maybe his wife buys his clothes for him .

nfh1, Jun 19, 12:39am
are they separated!

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