Akai slow cooker, warehouse

gracie3, Mar 18, 5:40am
I've had one for two weeks, used it twice and there are blue marks developing down one side.Cracking noises as well.

cottagerose, Mar 18, 7:30am
Id take it back and get my money back

lilyfield, Mar 18, 9:00am
don't buy appliances at the Warehouse-take it back

valentino, Mar 18, 7:33pm
Take it back and swap it for a 5 litre Breville - Reduced in price at the Warehouse, only $49.95 last weeks but going quick.

gracie3, Mar 18, 8:28pm
It said it's a parallel import - what does that mean!

fifie, Mar 18, 10:02pm
Think you'll find P/I is just a buying group they deal through. Whatever, if its faulty take it backand i wouldn't buy electrical goods from them again.

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