Unsweetened condensed milk?

shellie72, Mar 17, 9:09pm
I saw a clip of Kirstie Allsop (love her!) making a 'no cooking' fudge with chocolate and what appeared to be Carnation Condensed Milk. I didnt see the word sweetened on the label. Do we have this product in NZ, or do the Brittish not put the word 'sweetened' on the tin!
Please help - I would love to make this recipe :)

cgvl, Mar 17, 11:09pm
you used to be able to get an unsweetened condensed milk (60's/70's) but as far as I know its no longer available in NZ.

shellie72, Mar 18, 12:30am
ok, thanks :)

245sam, Mar 18, 1:40am
shellie72, when I was growing up we knew of and could buy two types of condensed milk - one was sweetened, the other wasn't.As you will know sweetened condensed milk is still readily available and so is the unsweetened version EXCEPT that we now know of it as Evaporated Milk which would IMO be the Carnation product that you saw being used for the fudge.

Hope that helps.:-))

ferita, Mar 18, 1:44am
It is not common as it goes off easier.

sarahb5, Mar 18, 3:40am
Evaporated milk has a completely different consistency from condensed milk and is still sweetened - no doubt in America you might be able to buy unsweetened condensed milk but it certainly isn't the same thing as evaporated milk which has the consistency of thin cream.

http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=ZwMQ1l5JG4I And this is what she used - in the UK condensed milk is not marked "sweetened" http://www.carnation.co.uk/products

suzanna, Mar 18, 4:06am
Basically same as Nigella's fudge recipe which also states 'condensed milk'. I see in the archives that you made it too last year Sarah.
Shelley it is a useful and easy fudge recipe and I line the tin with wrap and then later just tip it out to cut so easy to cut. I have also used choc chips as they are very cheap here at the choc factory and the result was good.I have made half 'n half- milk and white- which looks good and even dark/milk/white which looked great. Cointreau for a change or any liquer of choice. Endless posiibilities.

shellie72, Mar 18, 4:11am
Thank you so much! So it IS sweetened milk then! Thats wonderful, and great to hear its a tried and tested recipe :)

margyr, Mar 18, 4:14am
i made it at Christmas time and used fruit and nut choc to melt it was a great hit.

245sam, Mar 18, 4:47am
shellie72, did the can look like the can at the top of the list on this link!

sarahb5, Mar 18, 4:56am
Yes I made Nigella's at Christmas - haven't looked at Kirstie's recipe but assume it would be pretty similar - it was really easy, I added pistachios and cranberries to mine.It freezes well too.

shellie72, Mar 19, 12:42am
Yeah! Thats the one! Debate over aye! Its sweetened :)

pheebs1, Mar 19, 12:48am
i have made it too
its quite soft cutting so if you want it a little firmer just cook it longer
infact i think i did mine in the microwave 15mins

beware it needs to be kept in the fridge or it goes off quickly should be eaten within the week
but in my house it will be lucky to last the day!

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