Tomato relish ( Nanas style recipe ) HELP

uli, Feb 5, 3:44am
bump for kirmag

wizzbikz, Mar 14, 1:46pm
What did nana use to make that great relish we all grew up with !

suzanna, Mar 14, 2:22pm
A classic and very easy:

12 lge peeled tomatoes
4 lge onions
25gr salt (plain non-iodised)
500gr brown sugar
1TBSP each mustard & curry powder
2TBSPs flour
3 chillis
Cut tomatoes & onions into pieces. Sprinkle with salt & leave overnight. Next day pour liquid off and discard, put tomato & onions into a preserving pan with sugar & chillis. Add enough vinegar to cover. Bring to boil. Simmer 90 mins. Mix flour, curry powder & mustard to a smooth paste with a little cold vinegar. Add to mixture & boil 5 mins. Pour into sterilised jars & cover when cold.

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dibble35, Mar 14, 7:28pm
I made this one for the first time few weeks ago, was nice but I put to much chilli in it. or the chillis were hotter than expected. quite spicy relish

purplegoanna, Mar 14, 7:53pm
the pickly wouldve been bread & butter pickle.the relish is nealry always the ones from the edmonds book.

rainrain1, Mar 14, 8:39pm
Here is a milder recipe, and there's no need to skin the tomatoes
Tomato Relish

4lb tomatoes
1lb sugar
1 Tblsp salt
1/2 Tblsp curry powder
1+1/2 ib onions
1 pint malt vinegar
1 tsp mustard
Cut onions and tomatoes, place all in pot and boil 1 hour
Thicken with 2 Tblsp flour, put into jars and seal while hot

bobshane20, Mar 15, 12:52am
I use the edmonds one but instead of leaving the tomatoes overnight with salt on I roast them.Just cut up and roast for a couple of hours, the juice evaporates a bit and instead of pouring it off you can use it.
After the roasting just follow the receipe from 'put ingredents into pot'. but instead of boiling for 90 mins you only need to boil it for about 20 mins.
It makes the most beautiful rich dark red relish, (because the tomatoes kind of dehydrate a bit it can be quite sweet so you may want to adjust the amount of sugar you add to the pot)
Try it .I dont think you will be dissapointed: )

korbo, Mar 15, 12:59am
my mum and nana used this one, and i have made 5 batches this year.
20 large tomatoes
5med onions
2.5 cups white sugar
600ml brown or white vinegar
2 teasp curry powder
1 teaspn mustard
1 teaspn mustard seeds, (if none, just another of must pwd)
1 tablespoon plain salt
Pop toms into hot water, take off skins, chop up, chop up onions.
put everything in big pot.
Bring to boil and simmer for 1 hr.
About 1/4hr before finishing, i put the hand egg beater in and it softens up everything, or if you want a slightly smoother relish, use the stick blender.
THEN I thicken with about 5 teaspoons cornflour and some vinegar. this you have to do by guess. let come back to boil, and turn off.
watch it doesnt burn.
a really nice tasty relsih.

wizzbikz, Mar 15, 6:58am
Thanks Guys that all sounds great . Will use all your Recipes ,they all sound tasty

hil53, Mar 16, 10:38am
Any ideas for a simple St. Patrick's Day dessert or side dish! Thanks

juliewn, Mar 19, 9:39am
This is my favourite Tomato Relish recipe, based on the Edmonds recipe. I don't thicken the mix with flour, and I add the spices at the beginning, so everything is cooked together.

Simmering till the mix is as thick as you want - it'll thicken a little as it cools - means the amazing flavour isn't lessened by adding any flour.

Chop 20 large tomatoes (or their equivalent) into chunks, and 3 large onions into small pieces, and place these in a large non-metallic bowl or container - a casserole dish is good.
Add 1/4 cup of common salt and cover this and leave for several hours or overnight.

Next day, drain off most of the liquid that has formed, and place the tomatoes and onions in a preserving pan or large pot.
Add 500gms of brown sugar, and stir that in, then pour white vinegar over this, just to cover the vegetables.
White vinegar gives a better red-colour to your relish than malt vinegar does.
Mix the following with 1/4 cup white vinegar:
2 teaspoons of dry mustard powder
2 tsp of curry powder
1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
Add to the mix in the saucepan.

Simmer this mixture for about an hour, stirring often, and continue cooking, stirring regularly, until the mix is as thick as you want - it'll thicken a little as it cools.

Place the relish into jars that have been sterilised in the oven, place lids on them, and leave till cool.

This tastes great as the base for pizza toppings.

Adding. a friend is allergic to cheese. a pizza made with handmade fresh dough, spread with this relish, then sliced shallots or onions, tomatoes, and I add pumpkin and sunflower seeds, makes a flavoursome pizza - people have eaten it not knowing it doesn't include cheese.

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