Making caramel with rip top lid on condensed milk

hel.ben, Mar 21, 11:56pm
Is this able to be done in a pot or do they explode!Will I need a normal type tin for this!many thanks for your help.

olwen, Mar 21, 11:59pm
I wouldn't think it would explode.They must be heat treated in the canning process.

hel.ben, Mar 22, 12:02am
I wondered that too . but on the tin it says do not heat in the can.

hoppyl, Mar 22, 12:02am
i've boiled condensed milk in a pot before without it not exploding.what do u mean by ripped lid!

hel.ben, Mar 22, 12:05am
a rip top lid is the type that you use the rip tab to open instead of a can opener.

cappucino1, Mar 22, 12:06am
I haven't done it but I have heard from people that it works just as well as with a regualr tin as long as you are of course careful to make sure that they can is always covered in boiling water.When topping up the level of water make sure that you always add boiling water and not cold water as they temp change could cause the can to explode.

Otherwise, no problems.

hel.ben, Mar 22, 12:07am
Thankyou cappucino1.I will give it a go :)

harrislucinda, Mar 22, 1:12am

harrislucinda, Mar 22, 1:13am
mightneed tobuytheothercanjustin caseunlesssomeonehastried this

hel.ben, Mar 22, 2:11am
FANTASTIC!:)I used the can with the rip top & it has worked fine :)I wasnt making a special trip to our nearest town to go get a different can so I am chuffed :)Thank you for your help guys :)

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