Custard...recipe calls for double cream...

goldgurl, Feb 1, 6:18am
can I just use milk... and it would be 'lite blue' milk at that! Or should I just wait till tomorrow and buy double cream?

lilyfield, Feb 1, 7:02am
yes= it won't quite taste the same-but much better for your waistline

duckmoon, Feb 1, 7:14am
milk will work. It won't be as rich.

Cream, single cream, double cream, thickened cream.
Often UK recipes call for double cream. It has about 41% fat content. In NZ, our "cream" has a fat content of around 37-38% fat. So is a good substitue for double cream, and still works will if the recipe calls for single cream.

Thickened cream is something different, has something in it, which means that it is more the texture of spreadable cream cheese.

enjoy the custard

245sam, Feb 1, 7:19am
goldgurl, what kind of custard is the recipe for?

Most custards, unless they're special ones (e. g. creme patisserie) are made with milk and for basic custards I normally use our everyday milk which is Trim milk however for baked egg custards I prefer to use blue top/homogenised milk. :-))

goldgurl, Feb 1, 8:12am
245Sam... I went to Oz last year and feel in love with Portuguese Egg Tarts... I've put off making them this long cos I just know they are BAD for the waistline lol... i feel like a real treat... I might use regular cream (thanks duckmoon).

245sam, Feb 1, 9:13am
goldgurl, are the tarts that you're so ? ? 'craving' ? ? something like these... . .

http://aww. au/article. aspx? id=789499

I recall seeing them made on 'Fresh' when it screened on Prime TV and they certainly looked interesting but do you have a special recipe? If not maybe you'd like to use the one on that link - it uses milk and no cream so maybe those tarts would be a somewhat more guiltless treat - just a thought. :-))

wheelz, Jul 23, 10:12am
that recipe sounds good... have added it to my collection. Thanks.

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