Is eggplant in season?

davidt4, May 8, 12:29am
It's nearly the end of the outdoor season in Auckland.Most eggplants sold at greengrocers and supermarkets are hothouse grown and are available all year.

hmck, May 8, 2:10am
No I still have soem ripening - but we have had unseasonably dry and warm weather.

elliehen, May 8, 2:25am
Unseasonably warm here too.I was waiting for the intense cold to turn the leaves on the persimmon tree their usual winter bright crimson, but they've all fallen off a dour yellowy-orange.

guest, Mar 21, 10:50pm
Monday.David Lereah, the author of Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom? will leave the the National Association of Realtors by the midlde of next month after serving as the head economist for seven years, a spokesman said.Lereah was the Realtors' analyst through the five-year run-up in home values that ended in 2005, and he has continued to deliver the group's outlook through the current downturn.After leaving NAR, Lereah will become a senior executive at Move Inc., an online real estate service, said Lucien Salvant of the real estate trade group. One blog, David Lereah Watch, cites passages from Lereah's books and his encouraging words about the housing market and asks him to admit he cheerleaded this destructive housing bubble. In October, Lereah said that he expected sales activity to pick up early next year. In recent months, Lereah has pushed his expectations for recovery deeper into 2007 and has trimmed his forecast for home sales for the year.Salvant said Lereah was traveling Monday and could not be reached but noted that the economist works for the Realtors' association and people should not be surprised that he would take a Realtors' point of view. (emphasis added)

guest, Mar 22, 5:37am
#12,e2809cHow in the hell can someone buy smoething without credit? e2809dCash, thate28099s how we got in trouble in the first place, if you done28099t have the money done28099t buy it.

guest, Mar 24, 4:13am
[12] jamilWe will likely never see this, and it will aslomt certainly get struck down in liberal courts, but the deed restriction on buyers could make a comeback.Many decades ago, deeds in many suburban areas had restrictions that forbade the owner to sell to minorities. These were stricken down as unenforceable. Now they are just so much verbiage on a deed.But suppose owners in some communities with new development decide that they want to keep the riff-raff out but without restricting their own operations. One way to do that is to get people to include a deed restriction on their land that prevents them from selling to liberals (read democrats). You could condition new permits on the deed restriction, and you could offer tax breaks to current citizens for encumbering their land with this covenant.BTW, the deed restrictions that kept out minorities were not stricken ab initio, but rendered unenforceable as against public policy. The public policy against racial discrimination is clear. But I am not aware of a public policy, except in some states with workplace legislation, that holds one cannot discriminate against people of a different political persuasion.The most obvious attack route, however, would be to claim (and somehow prove) that anti-liberal deed restrictions are a proxy for racial discrimination.

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