Butter on special at Countdown

supercook, May 9, 11:38pm
2 Rolling meadow butter for $6.00. Stock up for your baking. Thats the best price I have seen for a long time!

waswoods, May 10, 12:00am
That's a good price but I like to buy butter that hasn't got water added ie just cream and salt

kinna54, May 10, 1:11am
Got dairy maid at p n save yesterday for $2.79. truck load blowout.I don't often buy butter,(only for baking when it's on special)we are marg eaters, but at that price i'll give it a go. Haven't had that brand before.
2 rolling meadow for $6 is cheap as well, cheapest I have seen thatbrand here.

momma1, May 10, 1:46am
i got butter from pak n save for $2.95 today

karenz, May 10, 1:56am
I find the Rolling Meadows cheese quite tasteless compared to, for example, Mainland.Is all butter equal or are some diluted with water as a previous poster stated.

neil_di, May 10, 3:26am
When I checked the labels a while ago there was only one brand that didn't have water and I "think" it was Tararua. I was surprised to see Mainland had water on it's list of ingred.as I consider it to be one of the better tasting It might be that some bulk it with more water cos there certainly is a difference and it shows in the finished baking result.

accroul, May 10, 4:43am
Water is listed as an ingredient soley because they use it to wash the buttermilk off the butter solids. If they didn't, it would soon turn rancid!

olwen, May 10, 5:26am
I've always assumed that all butter is pretty equal in NZ and they just put different wrappers on

jenniferanne, May 10, 6:04am
Was at Pacn save and Countdown last week for $2.88 here in wanganui

books4nz, May 10, 10:44am
Rolling Meadow butter isn't from NZ - it shows as packed in NZ - near Temuka, from memory when I checked it out and asked Countdown about it a while ago. I check all butter to see where it's made now.

kuaka, May 10, 11:52am
Well it says on the front of the pack "product of New Zealand" and on the back it says "manufactured for Dairy Works Ltd, Fraser Street, Temuka".It wouldn't say "product of New Zealand" if it was made in Australia, or heaven forbid, China - would it!

Also says the ingredients are: Cream, Water, Salt - and then adds that it contains milk products.

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