Black bean recipes?

painterman, Apr 8, 10:12am
Any ideas how to cook black beans? I know how to soak and boil them - but how to serve?

jess26, Apr 8, 10:14am
steak and black bean sauce?

ningnz, Apr 8, 10:50am
black bean chilli is a personal fav- add veges to black beans and then add chilli and maybe some tomatoes/salsa yum yum yum

or u can mash them up and make like a refried black bean

also yummy as in nachos

also in salads

ruby19, Jan 12, 4:59pm
I add black beans (mine are tinned) to tortilla soup. You can make mexican salsas, black bean soups, and I am sure there must be a whole lot more uses out there. You could probably replace them in to a lot of recipes.