something savoury but really tasty and easy

lucas08, Apr 8, 4:40am
Im looking for simple easy really tasty savoury meal recipes. I have a 2 year old and we quite like warm lunches.
And it cant take to long to make.
Have found a sweet corn fritter recipe which I will give a go but anyone have any other ideas.

eastie3, Apr 8, 5:21am
Scrambled eggs, omelettes, toasted sandwiches, vege soup and toast, mousetraps. Left over veges in a fritter batter, served with minted plain unsweetened yoghurt.

gaspodetwd, Apr 8, 6:05am
stuffed jacket potatoes - wrap in foil and cook on high for a1/2 day in crockpot- so great for lunch - with cheese or cottage cheese, or baked beans or coleslaw or leftover bolognese.
savoury pancakes - make extra at the weekend and wrap in glad wrap. Put cooked chicken or mushrooms in white sauce (you can cheat and buy ready made I guess)in the pancakes, roll up and put in baking dish. Top with grated cheese - cover in foil and heat for about 20 mins - eat with salad.
welsh rarebit on toast.
quick soup - chicken and sweetcorn is about 5 minutes from start to finish.
eggy bread

poppy62, Apr 8, 6:26am
I reckon you cant go wrong with a quiche. You can use all your left over vege in them and they are great to serve with a salad and crusty bread.

fruitluva2, Apr 8, 6:56am
add grated zucchini to the corn fritters, french toast, pita wraps or taco shells with left over mince, salad, tomato, avo, sour cream, left over self- crusting quiche or make a fresh one, toasties, croissants with desired fillings.

juliewn, Jan 12, 1:01pm
Use bread or pastry squares in muffin tins, add a mix of lightly whisked egg with chopped bacon or ham, peas, corn kernels, or creamed corn, salami, onion, etc. . etc. . Fill and bake. .

Little fingers might be able to add the chopped pieces. .

Enjoy your lunches. . :-)