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k-r123, Apr 26, 4:51am
Hi. When baking with chocolate, is it better to use baking chocolate or just a chocolate block eg dairy milk, milky bar etc.
What one will have the better flavor!

makespacenow, Apr 26, 4:55am
I use 100% cocoa chocolate (Willie Venezuelan black my fav) or if out whittakers dark block
i don't like the stuff that is in the cooking etc unless you get your hands on really good quality ones.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 26, 4:58am
Lol Makespacenow. There'll be a special at Willies Cacao this weekend. If you're not on Facebook, I'll post the code for you if you like!

sarahb5, Apr 26, 5:32am
The darker the better - you can buy the good quality chocolate (couverture) at specialist shops such as Vetro and it is definitely worth it.Otherwise Whittakers dark cacao I think is about 82%.

sarahb5, Apr 26, 5:32am
The darker the better - you can buy the good quality chocolate (couverture) at specialist shops such as Vetro and it is definitely worth it.Otherwise Whittakers dark Ghana is 72%.


k-r123, Apr 26, 5:42am
Ok cool thanks. So Whittakers would be a good choice.
For using white choc too!

sarahb5, Apr 26, 5:53am
No, for white chocolate you definitely need to buy the melts because it technically isn't chocolate and doesn't melt properly - depends on your recipe of course

norse_westie, Apr 26, 8:23am
I use Whittakers white chocolate for white ganache. Its divine.

sarahb5, Apr 26, 10:49am
I tried using that and it just burnt into a gluggy mess that's why I stick to using the melts when I use white chocolate

duckmoon, Apr 26, 11:01am
I think you need to use a different measure for the chocolate.

Good looking for a percentage of cocoa solids.
65% is good,70% better, and 85% fantastic.

makespacenow, Apr 27, 1:48am
Ooo really.yes please.now i will have to cross my legs baby will have to wait.
So bad being a real chock addict.

makespacenow, Apr 27, 6:45am
Please pretty please
post the link!

bedazzledjewels, Apr 27, 7:03am
They haven't posted the code yet. You usually have to buy a certain and then they give you some free bars.
Keep an eye out here - hope this link works for you -


makespacenow, Apr 27, 9:12pm
Thanks .
looks like the code will be out once they reach 5000 likes.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 27, 10:42pm
I think they say they'll do it this weekend even if they aren't at quite 5000. You usually have to buy 15 pounds (money not weight!) in order to use the code and get a freebie. I suspect the freebie this time might be their new milk chocolate. Might be time to restock on cacao.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 27, 10:46pm
I see you can get it here in NZ but the prices are quite steep -


makespacenow, Apr 27, 11:01pm
wow yes their prices are steep! I used to ask friends etc to stock up when on special in the UK or when we were passing through, as often waitrose etc had them 3 for the price of 2.
I bought few of ebay and they worked out half the price of the bull rush ones.even with postage!

norse_westie, Apr 28, 2:34am
I melt it in the cream that has been heated. No burning that way.

wildflower, Apr 28, 3:34am
Ditto to using Whittakers white chocolate without any problems; I made strawberry flavoured marshmallow easter eggs and coated them in it and I've used it plenty of other times too, I melt it easily in the top of a double boiler.

makespacenow, Apr 29, 3:13am
Still short of the 5000 likes.
Pls we neeore likes.i need to stock up on Willie choc.
Just made French chock rich ruffled tart with the last one :(

bedazzledjewels, Apr 29, 3:16am
Yes, they promised to post the code up this weekend. Naughty Willie! ;-)

makespacenow, Apr 29, 3:57am
i know i have been crossing my legs telling the bus to wait till after the offer since he/she gave me 9mth of hell.and new i feel bad no offer and no bus either talk about lose/lose

bedazzledjewels, Apr 29, 10:18pm
It looks like the offer will be next weekend.

makespacenow, Apr 30, 3:16pm
Only 9 to go! ;) bet i will miss out!

vampiriousmist, May 2, 10:40pm
I just made the total 5003 :P

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