Homemade Feijoa Icecream, Quick And Yummy

lindy12, Apr 25, 8:56am
Was given this recipe about 20 years ago and made it for the first time today.Was a hit with our dinner guests.
1 cup cream
1 cup condensed milk
1 cup mashed feijoas (I used about 20 small to medium size and ones that were a couple of days old, easier to mash)
With electric beater beat all three ingredients togeather.
Freeze for 2 hours then beat again and refreeze.

Will be trying this with passionfruit and berries, whatever is in season at the time.

winnie231, Apr 25, 9:03am

lulu.., Apr 26, 12:01am
I got a different recipie from here and it was also yum. grandchildren love to make it and yes can sub other fruit also.

wildflower, Apr 26, 4:52am
I do the cream and condensed milk with all sorts of things, oreos and crunchie bars broken up are really good.Lemon curd etc.

norse_westie, Apr 26, 8:46am
That sounds lovely. I'm going to try it over the weekend.

marlin9, Apr 26, 9:08am
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmust try that one - sounds yummmmmmyyyyy!

Is it sweeten condensed milk or evaporate kind!

lindy12, Apr 26, 10:19am
Just your plain old everyday condensed milk.

marlin9, Apr 26, 8:11pm
Will have to buy some (maybe today)

daleaway, Apr 27, 12:51am
Does a cup of condensed milk equal one tin!

katewest, Apr 27, 2:40am
bumping because I'd like to know this too.

oh_hunnihunni, Apr 27, 2:44am
My favourite is even easier, bottle of cream sweetened, whipped, folded through the fruit or curd of your choice and frozen.


daleaway, Apr 27, 2:47am
I remember making condensed milk ice cream in the 1950s when domestic fridge/freezers were a novelty - always a faff taking the mixture out for the semi-freddo re-beat!
These days I just use the cream/eggs/caster sugar recipe, which is excellent, but I'm always willing to try something new.

kevind7, Apr 28, 9:27am
Bottle of cream--$2-00
Condence milk--$3-64
Free feijeos
Cheaper to buy from supermarket. 2lts for around approx $6
Only makes 750mls

urshala, Apr 28, 9:23pm
We made this yesterday and is really yummy. Home made tastes better than bought ice cream.

gardie, Apr 28, 9:28pm
Maybe but its the equivalent of the real expensive stuff not the el cheapo 2 ltrs.Try buying one of those 1 litre tubs - they are around the $10 mark.

norse_westie, Apr 29, 12:10am
Less preservatives and chemicals though.
And the kids can have fun making then eating it.

aidan46, Apr 29, 4:28am
I make this often, with a bottle of cream (whipped and then folded through), a can of condensed milk and as many fejoas as I feel like.
I don't know where you get your condensed milk from kevind7, but I pay $1.50 for mine. So the icecream comes to $3.50, which is much cheaper than the supermarket. Not to mention far superior in taste and quality!

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