Corned Beef

skata, Apr 7, 4:51am
What type of sauce can you make to go over corned beef?

rainrain1, Apr 7, 5:10am
Mustard or parsley or both :-)

rai5, Apr 7, 5:20am
I've even used cheese sauce!

maandpa2b, Apr 7, 5:21am
Mustard... . a must. It's totally devine

cap, Apr 7, 5:26am
I like sour cream with hot English mustard mixed in to it. I think it helps take away the saltiness and I like the cold with the hot.

terraalba, Apr 7, 7:54am
Mustard, parsley, cheese and also orange sauce go well with corned beef. finely chopped Carrots, celery and a few other items can add a bit of style to the roux sauce such as parsley or cheese. I also agree about the sour cream is also a good variation as above if you want to reduce saltiness.

Corned been can be varied according to the spices such as cloves and peppercorns in the liquor in which it is cooked. I tend to stick cloves in the side of silverside, add a few peppercorns old carrots and a boquet garni as well as the usual vinegar, onion and golden syrup or brown sugar. I've even used treacle when I had nobrown sugar or golden syrup. I takewhat I put into the liquor into account before chosing the sauce. Corned silverside is one of those wonderful dishes, often not too expensive that provide many options and always seems to turn out great as long as I remember to replace the remaining hot meat back in the liquor to cool. I just wish it didn't have to be made with chemicals such as nitrates. The nitrates mean that it's not good to serve for tea too often.

catsmeat1, Apr 7, 8:11am
Or in the Edmonds book, there is one called 'piquant sauce'.

fisher, Apr 7, 8:33am
Home made. . horseradish sauce. .

cookessentials, Apr 7, 9:11am
I do either a mustard or onion sauce.

beaker59, Jan 12, 1:09am
agree on the horse radish sauce but generally I just mix colemans with malt vinegar to a thin paste and use heaps of it.

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