dbab, Apr 8, 2:01am
bin boy lin -you've brought back some memories with mentioning black pudding. My Dad used to kill the pigs and bleed them into a bucket. We (as kids) carried it to the house from the shed, and we weren't allowed to stop stirring it or it would clot. Mum added the spices, flour etc, which included long strips of fat, and then Mum sewed bags made from old sheets to put the pudding into. These were then hung in boiling water in the copper. I can almost remember the taste of this "real" pudding when it was cooked up for breakfast in the mornings. Yumm. I hate to say it, but more and more, at the age of 55, I'm starting to think about what we had and did in the "good old days"

mallee, Apr 8, 4:36am
Yep dbad, me too. A friend reminded me of the silver coins in the Christmas pudding, this morning. I don't know about you, but we kids were stuffed to the gills, but we still found room for the pudding, to find some money. I hadn't thought about that for years.
Aaaarrrr yes, bring back the good old days. Simple and innocent.

lennyb1, Apr 8, 9:33am
Haha, none of MY good old days, thank you very much. I grew up on nasty American convenience food - Velveeta cheese-like substance, frozen TV dinners, frozen fish sticks, occasionally the odd home-grown veg that had been boiled to death, sugary breakfast cereals & white Wonder bread. I was introduced to actual food by the man who is now my husband, and am still learning new things. He introduced me to tongue a few years ago (we're in our late 40s), which I tried with an awful puss on my face from the stench of it boiling, but lo & behold it was lovely. Never too old to learn, I say.

uli, Apr 8, 11:53pm
thumbs up for lennyb1
Great to read :)

fruitluva2, Apr 9, 12:38am
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Pwxpm4rXQ3A

Makes you wonder why they don't ensure they are dead instead of left to hobble around headless

uli, Jan 13, 4:09pm
Well - they are dead - no head ... but the muscles still keep going.
"Lower" animals like snails, frogs etc will keep moving for a long time - even headless. Even chooks - one step up from reptiles - will fly up onto the roof if you let them go after chopping their head off...

Probably too much info here for a fruit lover though ...

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