fifie, Apr 6, 10:49pm
Jan2242 we get our ox tongue from the butchers, Have to order it, and they arn't cheap these days. I found some will get them, some won't, just keep asking around till you find one that will get it for you. I do Alison Holsts crockpot recipe then press it, just lovely sliced cold with ared onion in a sandwich.

ruckass1, Apr 6, 11:00pm
Yum I love sweetbread but too expensive to buy. .

lizab, Apr 6, 11:13pm
we homekill our own sheep and love the livers and kidneys - wouldn't eat the rest of the offal though

dbab, Apr 6, 11:17pm
Think of lamb shanks too. They used to be dirt cheap. Now they are soooo expensive.

mallee, Apr 6, 11:39pm
dbad, you are not kidding about the cost of lamb shanks. Everything has just gone crazy in the past year. Chicken is no longer cheap either. How are people with 2 or 3 kids managing, I wonder? ? ?

uli, Apr 7, 12:26am
Same as they always have: grow food and cook accordingly LOL :)

Remember: Supermarkets are an invention of the 1970's - we lived as "Humans" LONG before that LOL :)

In fact about 2 million years before that - and even agriculture was only "invented" 10. 000 years ago - nothing in the face of evolution ...

kran32, Apr 7, 12:58am
Just had an ox tongue and mustard sandwich for my morning tea! My other half does not eat offal either, and when he is away boy do I get stuck in to the lambs kidneys on toast, liver and bacon with mashed spuds and gravy, pressed ox tongue... ... you name it, I am cooking it up! Good wholesome food that puts hairs on your chest! *well I hope not, but you know what I mean*

fifie, Apr 7, 1:01am
Lamb shanks used to be chucked out in the bin when my kids were growing up, now its about the only part of the lamb Kiwi Families can afford to buy. Anyone see the cooking programme on the roasted pork hock? they have become very fashionable and expensive in USA because of the colagene content for anti aging, as the tablets are so expensive now, the restrauants can't keep up with the demand. Eating offal is rich in goodness, helps put lost minerals back into the body, something we are missing today, cooked and flavoured nicely they can be very tasty. .

indy95, Apr 7, 1:23am
While we are on the subject of the cost of meat and the rocketing prices of what were once considered to be lowly cuts fit only for the "poor", this morning I saw in the local store of a large national butchery chain prepacked trays of oxtail pieces. One tray containing 3 pieces which would have been just enough for a meal for 2 people was priced at just over $9. 00.

Well, I have not thought of myself as"poor" until now but apparently I am because that simply does not come within my budget. I decided that I would just have to join the ranks of the truly impoverished and make do with humble lambs fry for tonight's dinner ( which by the way is delicious ).

I also noticed that even an average sized bacon hock was around $6 and bacon and beef bones that I would usually use to make stock were even more expensive. Whatever happened to making big pots of cheap nourishing and filling soup for winter meals ?

mallee, Apr 7, 1:41am
indy 95 I know exactly what you are saying. The costs just keep escalating. The so called lowliest meats are now out of range for a lot of people. God, where will it end?

griffo4, Apr 7, 1:58am
Well l can tell you that the farmers aren't getting that and the sheep and beef farmers are struggling to make a decent living
Uli l feed my chooks meat scraps and vegies and then they forage for their own in the afternoons and l have people wanting my eggs because they don't look like those insipid ones in the shops and the chooks love meat and will fight over it and they also love milk and l give it to them twice a day and they really go mad for the colostrum milk which we also drink l am not going to pay those prices for something we feed to the calves and we drink it straight from the cow while it is still warm, yum, and we were bug free last winter.
We are told to make sure the calves get a good feed of it for their immune system so why not ours?
We grow most of our own fruit, veg and meat, l even got meat chickens and l have a heap of their livers in the freezer as well and the chickens taste like they used to taste like
l feel for anyone trying to get by with the cost of things it is really scary and with fuel going up as well it only means everything else is going to go the same way
l think the recession is really starting to bite us now not last year like they reported and this winter will be really tight

bin-boy-lin, Apr 7, 2:57am
Did I miss it, or has nobody mentioned the great black pudding? ? ?

indy95, Apr 7, 3:14am
Oh yes, I forgot about that, bin-boy-lin. I absolutely love black pudding.

If you really want to give someone a nasty surprise try telling them what's in it after they have eaten it andwait for the horrified expression to appear.

Black pudding is also starting to feature on restaurant menus especially as a brunch dish so watch the price of it head skywards soon.

mallee, Apr 7, 3:18am
Oh black pudding, it's got me remembering Saturday breakfast as a kid. Bacon, black pudding and grilled tomatoes. This forum is taking me down memory lane.

bin-boy-lin, Apr 7, 3:22am
Over in the UK and no doubt other parts, as well, have white pudding, I have wondered what that would taste like, have not seen it here.

rubyjane11, Apr 7, 3:28am
I adore black pudding, tomatoes eggs the works and *scream* throw in some fried bread with it lol

lizab, Apr 7, 3:48am
white pudding tastes very strongly of onions, peppers and oatmeal - lovely stuff! ! ! ! When I go home to the UK, I always make sure I have a good feed of black and white puddings and haggis and neaps! ! I haven't seen black pudding over here in NZ, but then I'm on a sheep and beef farm, so don't really look at the butchery section of the supermarket.

gaspodetwd, Apr 7, 4:44am
Offal is great. We eat liver and kidney. My kids LOVE steak and kidney - makes such wonderful gravy. I think it is horrible for people to turn their nose up - an animal has died for us - so we should use it all up! I boil up the chicken carcass to make a stock. Use it all up people.

uli, Apr 7, 5:28am
Yes - that is my idea too - but I guess most people - shopping in a supermarket - never really think about that when they buy their skinless chicken breast LOL :)

And "black pudding" - always wanted to make my own - but it is not that easy when you just shoot your pig - haven't had the "guts" to stab it and wait - poor pig ...

vintagekitty, Apr 7, 6:56am
what is white pudding?

eastie3, Apr 7, 7:11am
I love chicken livers, lamb's fry and tripe, although I can't remember the last time I cooked tripe. Not so keen on kidneys though, even in a stew.

uli, Apr 7, 7:27am
1 quarter pint of fresh pig's blood
8 oz. bread cut into cubes
1 quarter pint of skimmed milk
1 lb. cooked barley
1 lb. fresh beef suet
8 oz. of fine oatmeal
1 tsp. salt
2 tsps. ground black pepper
2 tsp. dried mint

Put the bread cubes to soak in the milk in a warm oven. Do not heat the milk beyond blood temperature.
Have the blood ready in a large bowl, and pour the warm milk and bread into it.
Stir in the cooked barley.
Grate the beef suet into the mixture and stir it up with the oatmeal. Season with salt and pepper and mint.
Have ready two or three large roasting pans. Divide the mixture between them, they shouldn't be more than three-quarters full. Bake in a moderate oven (350*F. for about an hour or until the pudding is well cooked through. This makes a beautifully light pudding, which will keep well in a cold cupboard or fridge.
Cut into squares and fry until heated through and the outside is crisp, in bacon fat or butter.

Serves Six

It is normally fried and is an essential part of a traditional Irish breakfast.

Or-- for supper with fried apples and mashed potatoes.

WHITE PUDDING- White pudding is a variety made without blood, but using minced liver instead...

griffo4, Apr 7, 8:19am
l have seen black pudding in the supermarket l brought some for DH and he loves them

timetable, Apr 7, 8:04pm
how could you not love chicken livers made into home made pate... ... soooooooooooooooooooooo my fav treat for christmas... . . and kidneys done to a turn for a cooked brekie... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! ! ! not into tripe or blackpudding, liver and bacon is sooooooooooooo good! ! enjoy all... ...

fruitluva2, Apr 7, 11:36pm
Well not into offal, blood pudding etcjust prefer to stay with the prime cuts. Unless this link does get to me and turns me off. Hope I don't have wicked dreams tonight.

Toad in hole:

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Pwxpm4rXQ3A

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