mallee, Apr 6, 9:13am
If so, please forgive me? Ok, ladies, and hopefully the odd male chef amongst us :-) :-). I absolutely adore lambs kidney's. Only have them when my other 1/2 is away. I love chicken livers, actually all offal. I have a girlfriend whose background is the "RITZ" her opinion of people who eat ofal is "Lower Socioeconomic". So come on, us ofal lover's, lets hear your views on that. And whilst I'm at it, SO WHAT, if it's LS? ? ? ? ?

nzhel, Apr 6, 9:17am
A lot of those 'offal' type meats have become quite 'classy' these days! We used to have brains - ugh! when I was a kid - which I didn't like eating then either. I love a nice steak and kidney tho!

mallee, Apr 6, 9:19am
nzhel, don't we all? ? ? :-) :-)Errr maybe not! ! !

vintagekitty, Apr 6, 9:19am
eeww not for me, I eat what I want and dont care what others think, each to their own. I dont have time for people trying to impose their views on others. As for the lower socioeconomic comment, is she really that shallow?

harrislucinda, Apr 6, 9:20am
i lovetripeandkidneysandsweetbreadsbut the priceof thosetoday

mallee, Apr 6, 9:22am
Yes sadly vintagekitty, she is. But there's lots around like that, and despite her difference to my views, she's still a friend... . . know what I mean? ? ? ?

mallee, Apr 6, 9:23am
harrislucida, damned good point, they are not cheap. So much for peasant food ha? :-) :-)

vintagekitty, Apr 6, 9:24am
yep. sure do. Invite her for dinner and serve offal, heaps of it!

mallee, Apr 6, 9:27am
Snicker, oh the the look. 35 years, believe me, I KNOW THE LOOK. But it's ohhh so tempting! ! !

susieq9, Apr 6, 9:47am
We have just been to an offal night where we all took a dish of offal. There was steak & kidney, chicken livers, sweetbreads, brains, tripe, liver & bacon. All very nice, but I don't like tripe. However I did try a small piece. Also plenty of veges. There were probably about 40 people. Something different.

fifie, Apr 6, 10:07am
Stuff a sheeps heart with breadcrumbs and herb stuffing, serve it sliced with veg and gravy just like chicken. tripe, onions and mashed potatoes just the best, kidneys, lambs fry, and pressed tongue love it all, not forgetting garlic sweetbreads just the best when you can buy them. . Ooh the good old days, brings back memories...

kirinesha, Apr 6, 10:23am
I love chicken livers and lamb kidneys (especially in a wholegrain mustard and cream sauce). Fabulous when done well. And these items are served by cordon bleu chefs around the world.

indy95, Apr 6, 10:55am
Mallee, I'm afraid your " ritzy " but shallow friend is sadly behind the times as far as offal is concerned. The days when it was considered to be something eaten only by the so-called " low socio-economic " are well and truly over.

duckmoon, Apr 6, 10:58am
I would have said "a depresssion thrifty-ness".
My mother loves offal - tongue is her favourite (yuck! ).
I put it down to growing up with nothing nothing nothing extra, and therefore nothing went to waste.

duckmoon, Apr 6, 10:59am
Personally, I know i am lacking the skills - and I DON"T CARE! ! !

Enjoy your offal...

roys351, Apr 6, 11:32am
offal is an aquired taste liver, bacon and mushroom stew is nice
sweetbreads tossed in flour then quickley fried
ox heart in stirfry

elliehen, Apr 6, 11:49am
My imagination won't let me get past thinking about those individual organs in the human body and what their functions are...

supadeal, Apr 6, 12:07pm
Oooooooh, I should NOT have come in here, as I dont eat any meat.

deus701, Apr 6, 4:35pm
I usually try everything once. . like the saying goes you never try, you never know. I find that some people don't like offal is because the way its cooked eg, they grew up with boiled liver where I would jus pan fried my livers. And once they try it cooked a diff way, they love it. One day, they will love my lambs brain mousse trifle.

griffo4, Apr 6, 8:56pm
l love some offal as we do our own meat and l do the gutting of sheep and l watch our beasts being done so l know what l am eating and then l always come home and cook myself some lambs liver and onions, yum
DH does the first part of sheep as my back is not good with that part.
l have just started making ox tongue and also love heart and kidney and stuffed ox heart
As they are blood rich areas they are also the most nutritious areas especially liver
Note l loved biology at school and still love looking at how things work but l seem to be more in a separate lot to my female friends,
l am a rare breed, lol

marywea, Apr 6, 9:04pm
Mallee, your friend would have been about righta hundred years ago when offal was almost given away-they likely used their fresh garden herbs with them. Interesting that the perception remains.
Yorkshire puddong cooked around the beef roast was probably to help make the meat go further. I think the poorer but inventive women were responsible for what is now frequently served here.

uli, Apr 6, 9:13pm
Next time try frying some apple slices with the onions - throw them in when the onions start getting brown so they cook but do not go mushy - then pile all on top of the quickly fried liver ... I eat some tomato salad with that or in winter a crisp bitter endive salad with bits of fried bacon :)

And yes in NZ it seems to be rare to find other females that can grow, kill and cook - and use every little bit of an animal - which is what I find is the least we can do once we kill one.

I even cook any bits that cannot go into mince or sausage for my chooks :) They lay very nicely on a diet of meat and greens - eggs and chickens full of Omeage3 fatty acids and no grains in sight.

Some Greek researcher found that the chickens in the villages who just forage all day around the houses and backyards have more Omega3 in their meat and their eggs than wild caught salmon! The reason being that they lived almost entirely onpurslane and bugs in the hot dry Greek summer.

Lots to learn and change back to the old ways I believe - and we might see many of the modern "dis"eases disappear as well.

buzzy110, Apr 6, 9:16pm
mallee. I have to laugh at your friend. In Victorian times oysters were considered fit only for the lowest strata of society but, man look at them now. You need a second mortgage to be able to afford Bluff oysters.

I have friends whose thinking about what is 'proper' to eat goes way beyond offal. Most won't deign to eat chuck steak, gravy beef, ox tail, organic chicken (too strong tasting apparently), neck chops, lamb flaps, pork belly or, indeed, any cut of meat that comes in below $20kg. And try getting them to eat a lowly, but iron and mineralrich mussel. Even cheap hoki and canned sardines and tuna are off their menus.

All these foods have strong, robust flavours and they think they are too good for that sort of food. They are just too posh for their own good.

jan2242, Apr 6, 9:17pm
i love offal! ! ! But please can someone tell me where on earth you are all buying your ox tongues from? ? I haven't seen them in our butchers or supermarket for years now.

dilligaf_dah, Apr 6, 9:25pm
wow chicken livers are not cheap I love them but can only afford them once a month. In our days back in the 50s and 60s fish /sea food was free or very cheap look at them now. liver and bacon well bacon not cheap either. Gardon ramsay should talk to our friend in his restraunats you get 3 to 4 chicken livers and pay over the moon for them. op chefs use offal all the time now.

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