Can you get Cherry Pie filling anywhere in NZ?

brightspark, Jan 28, 12:54am
Can't find it! Amazon have it but won't send to NZ... grrrr!

Can anyone help please?

amazing_grace, Jan 28, 12:59am
What? make your own, cherries are in season now!

brightspark, Jan 28, 1:02am
I was going to, but removing the stones would take forever when dealing with 2 kilos of cherries LOL.

The bottled cherries aren't great either.

amazing_grace, Jan 28, 1:04am
That's not hard, you need a cherry pitter. You just put them in and squeeze. I do it... or you make your filling etc, then put through a colander, the colander catches the pips... .

brightspark, Jan 28, 1:09am
Didn't know there was any such thing as a cherry pitter, thanks!

Although cherries here are still around $13 a kilo so it may just be an occasional dessert!

cookessentials, Jan 28, 1:28am
A cherry pitter is the same as an olive pitter. Better still you can get one with a box to collect the stones and this is great if you have heaps of cherries to do. It looks like this.

kiwitrish, Jan 28, 1:41am
Yes you can. Have seen it at Woolworths and foodtown and in the Bristish food shops.

miss_vampy, Jan 28, 1:55am
I saw them on Iron Chef America in battle cherries!

ruby19, Jan 28, 3:40am
Try in one of those British food stores, used to have it as a child in uk, probably find it way... to sweet now.

seaspray1, Jan 28, 3:53am
Have a can in my cupboard. Hartley's Red Cherry Fruit Filling.
Manufactured by HL Foods Ltd in the UK and their website is uk - don't know if that will help you but its a start! ! Bought it at the big Pak n Save at Manukau in their "international foods" aisle. Have also seen it at the English Foods store in Devonport.

martine5, Jan 28, 8:24am
I am pretty sure barkers do one.

brightspark, Jan 29, 7:32pm
Wow thanks everyone. Have tried paknsave here but no luck. Will ring the UK shop and see if they have it. Will also be purchasing a cherry pitter.

Thanks so much for your help :)

m41, Feb 1, 9:09am
that what i miss about the states an canada you can buy any type of premade pie filling and is so delish and cheap ! !

cottagerose, 2 days, 17 hours
Packn save have cut back on some of their products so you could try New world

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