Corn beef in slow cooker

pinkpup, Mar 20, 7:32pm
how much water you put in!

kuaka, Mar 20, 8:05pm
I'm about to put some in now.I always put enough to cover the corned beef, but others will probably say you don't need that much.

angel404, Mar 20, 9:09pm
+1 or almost cover anyway otherwise the pot is too full lol

vaughan62, Mar 21, 10:00am
i always cover mine and a big spoon of golden syrup

gasman64, Mar 21, 10:44am
Put a splosh of vinegar in the water too which will help tenderize the meat and help with the mustard sauce afterwards.Mmmmm

lilyfield, Mar 21, 11:09am
corned beef

vomo2, Mar 21, 9:40pm
cover with hot water, add 3 whole cloves, 1 bay leaf, 2 tbsp vinegar and either some brown sugar, golden syrup or honey. Also great for cooking pickled pork.

2young1, Mar 22, 10:33pm
chuck ina bottle of ginger beer and you be away laughing.

simplephone1, Mar 23, 2:49am
tbsp red wine vinegar and tbsp brown sugar. Cover.- this is to die for.If you want to go the extra mile.Plum Glaze

1/2 cup plum sauce
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
2 tbsp worcestersire sauce
2 tbsp tomato sauce

Combine in a saucepan and bring to boil.Simmer 2 - 3 mins to jammy glaze.Pour over beef b/4 slicing.
Go for it and enjoy

molly37, Mar 23, 5:45am
had this discussion with my hairdresser on Tuesday. She has only ever put a couple of centimetres of water in the bottom of the slow cooker and says it cooks beautifully. Not sure I want to risk it though.

allspices, Mar 24, 6:23am
A curl or two from a peeler, of orange skin if you have it, is something I always add - if adds to the flavour of the mustard sauce ( made from the juice) that my family loves. Look up an Edmonds Cookbook.

carter441, Mar 24, 6:34am
It MUST be covered!

carter441, Mar 24, 6:36am
Yip - I agree with this one!Personally I go with the Golden Syrup; a few good tablespoons on top of the corned beef (after you've put the water in).YUM!Jealous now.

sherrie, Mar 24, 6:46am
I always cover the meat with hot water aslong as it does not overflow the dish.I add a splash of mailt vinegar, 1 large tablespoon of goldensyrup, 2 bayleaves and about 4 peppercorns.Yummy!Also keep the cornbeef water for the base of my vege soups and also base for pea soup.Really good!Freeze the water in icecream container if not making soup at that time.

grandma, Mar 24, 8:05pm
You don't find that the stock is very salty sherrie!I often think it is such a waste to throw out the liquid remains but wonder if I am just being too thifty/mean!

sherrie, Mar 24, 11:59pm
No it is not 2 salty.Put I do not add any more salt until it is served if it needs it!It is a waste if you don't use it for soups.

schnauzer11, Mar 26, 8:11am
I would-I only use a pressure-cooker,but only use about 2cm of water,good splosh of vinegar,and dribble golden syrup over the meat.Comes out perfect in 30-40 minutes.Not sure if the water would be different for slow cooker,but don't see why it should.The more water you use,the more flavour leaches out of the beef.Pressure cookers rock!

ubuthebirman, Mar 27, 7:30am
i put only 2 cms water in the bottom of slow cooker, 1 chopped onion & drizzlegolden syrup over the top of cornbeef. usually put on lowabt 8.30am & leave all day till 5.15 (piece abt $13.00 on special) . Had for tea tonight, certainly wasn't dry. its amazing the fatty water that comes out of the meat!

phoenix2004, Mar 27, 11:23pm
i always put in about enough to leave a cm or so below the top of the corned beef. And i love drizzling in golden syrup with thickly sliced onions. I dont like dry meat so to avoid risking that i would make sure i put in more than half the pot of water. The same for roasting meat ive always made sure i put in more than what i need

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