Would it be OK to pickle lebanese cucumbers

gerry64, Feb 16, 12:55am
had thought about doing them similar to beetroot -except with white vinegar-and keep them in the fridge in a jar - seems a pity to waste them but have far too many

davidt4, Feb 16, 1:38am
I think they might be too watery to treat the same as beetroot.How about Bread & Butter Pickle!Let me know if you want a recipe.

nauru, Feb 16, 2:04am
You make make a relish with them.I did this last year.

gerry64, Feb 16, 2:10am
yes please davidt - dont like to waste them

yduj, Feb 16, 2:11am
Can't see why not.I did see recipes that say to remove the seeds etc so you are left only with the firm flesh.Alison Holst has a recipe somewhere (try Google) for "Bread & Butter Pickles"

or here's one


pickles7, Feb 16, 2:25am
Pickled Cucumber, for the fridge

Two sliced telegraph cucumbers
sprinkle 2 tsp of sea salt over, stir and leave to sweat. stir every now and then for 2 hours, drain, rinse and dry a little with a paper towel.
bring to the boil
1 cup of wine vinegar
1/2 a cup of sugar
1/2 tsp each;
mustard seeds
whole black pepper corns
Pour over cucumber while hot.
Keep in the fridge, like you do, beetroot. I have mine in a container just like my beetroot.


pickles7 (512 )2:01 pm, Sat 23 Apr #118

gerry64, Feb 16, 2:57am
thank you all - I am spoilt for choice -have some capsicum as well - so will give a couple of the recipes a try

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