Easy cabbage pickle or relish ideas please

theboss17, Feb 15, 1:26am
i have heaps

jessie981, Feb 15, 4:59am
you can go into the lefthand message board & key cabbage pickle or relish. Under date posted put last year. This is one from Feb 2011

Re Cabbage Pickle (Aunt Daisy)
Fresh dry red cabbage, pepper corns, allspice, sugar & vinegar
Cut cabbage finely, sprinkle with salt & leave overnight
To every quart of vinegar allow 1oz each of peppercorns, ginger & allspice.& 1TBSP sugar. Bring to boil, strain the cabbage & press into jars. Pour the ot vinegar over. Keep a week before eating.

White Cabbage Pickle
Cut up finely, sprinkle with salt & stand 24 hours. Drain off water & boil cabbage slowly 15 mins in a quart of vinegar.
Mix 1c flour
1c sugar
1TBSP curry powder
2TBSP mustard
1pt vinegar
Add to first ingredients & boil hard 10 mins.
Put in jars & cover when cold.


jessie981 (47 )5:09 pm, Sat 19 Feb #2

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