Fonterra butter recall

elliehen, Feb 14, 5:31am

seniorbones, Feb 14, 10:42am
I have the batch before this and bought it before xmas when p & s had it on super super special only allowed 1 but went back 6 times! only have one left now.

dezzie, Feb 14, 11:03am
I've got some from a batch before and some from a batch after that I just got this week on countdowns 2 for $7.50 special.

lythande1, Feb 14, 5:32pm
I wonder what they do with it when they get it back, repackage it again! Who cares, bits of metal.

davidt4, Feb 14, 8:29pm
I bought 12 of the Mainland batch when it was on special several weeks ago.We've been eating it without incident so far so I think I'll just carry on.

elliehen, Feb 14, 8:32pm
As they say.all things come to pass ;)

shop-a-holic, Feb 14, 11:02pm
I've got the CV14 batch not the CV12. Ewwww.close. Two days apart.

elliehen, Feb 15, 1:47am
The imagination runs riot.You could bake a cake for Prisoners' Aid and find it sets off the metal detectors on the way in ;)

farmers, Feb 15, 2:21am
Who says they weren't put in after it left the factory!Odd that only 2 have them and they are made on different lines

shop-a-holic, Feb 15, 4:09am
elliehen: Too funny!

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