chicken out of fridge overnight

bonny, Apr 4, 5:30am
but it was cooked, do you think it would be o. k

julie28, Apr 4, 5:33am
Maybe not... ... ... ... .

bonny, Apr 4, 5:35am
mmm, can't decide wether to eat or chuck out

mallee, Apr 4, 5:35am
I wouldn't recommend it luv. It's not worth the risk to your health. Chicken is suspect at any time.

bonny, Apr 4, 5:36am
yep you just convinced me, i'll throw it out

ferrit47, Apr 4, 5:41am
Throw it out,

mallee, Apr 4, 5:47am
Bonny, I NEVER encourage food waste, but this is a totally different situation. A wee tip, to stop the stench of meat/bones etc, in your rubbish bin/bag. Pop it back into the freezer, and throw it out the morning your collection is due. We have done this for years, and have never suffered the dreadful stench of rotting meat.

bonny, Apr 4, 5:49am
Cheers mallee - will do

uli, Apr 4, 6:47am
I would eat it no problems LOL :)
But then - I know my chickens haven't been contaminated with salmonella while cooling down int he great big bath ... .

kasia, Apr 4, 9:06pm
Yeah! Ditch it, Chicken becomes unsafe after more than 3 hous out of the fridge! I have left a chook in the microwave over night a couple of times, put in there after dishing up, so the cats wouldnt get it, then forgot about it. What a waste! Now I put then straight in the fridge, or cover it on the bench so I dont forget it!

uli, Apr 4, 9:15pm
Only in NZ lol - in all other countries it is still very edible :)

greerg, Apr 5, 10:42pm
Having endured daughter's seventh form biology project that involved bacterial counts on chicken left out for varying amounts of time I wouldn't go near it. Cook, cool as quickly as possible then refrigerate for not longer than 48 hours.

julie28, Apr 6, 2:49am
They may eat it in other countries but they would most likely be very ill

buzzy110, Apr 6, 2:58am
The unfortunate thing about our rearing and processing of standard, battery reared chickens is that there is ample opportunity for salmonella and other nasties to contaminate the meat.

However, I reckon that our digestive systems are stronger and more resilient to all bacteria that can grow on warm meat or we'd have all gone the way of the Dodo bird thousands of years ago. Just because there is bacteria on food doesn't mean it is all bad or that we can't handle it.

Take, for instance the numbers of meat and chicken sandwiches that may sit in unrefrigerated sandwich cabinets, or lunch boxes, up and down the country, for hours and hours till eaten for lunch and yet there has never been an outbreak of epidemic proportions of salmonella, campylobacter, norovirus or other food borne illness yet.

Maybe, if there is a risk your cooked meat will be mistakenly left out overnight, you should consider putting 2 slices of bread and butter, either side of it, and it will be just fine in the morning. Just joking.

uli, Jan 4, 11:40am
Edit: posted after buzzy's post :)

Nah - they do not have chickens killed in the way NZ does - that is all ...

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