Using up small off cuts of chocolate brownie

supercook, Feb 11, 2:13am
Any ideas to use up off cuts of chocolate brownie that has been in freezer!

bridget107, Feb 11, 2:16am
Cut up small and put with ice cream and chocolate sauce! Perfect sundae!

245sam, Feb 11, 2:35am
Make a Trifle or some Truffles.:-))

bisloy, Feb 11, 2:53am
Fold through icecream - cookies and cream!

makespacenow, Feb 11, 3:01am
Rum balls.Throw in a bowl add bit butter sugar coconut and any other leftover cakes biscuits etc.drown with dark rum leave for a day or two.roll into rum bslls with cherries in the middle roll in coconut.

supercook, Feb 11, 3:56am
All sound yum. might do the icecream one with swirl of chocolate sauce. Mr 10 has friend coming to visit in couple of weeks so will make for dessert.

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