Quince butter

deepee5, Apr 4, 3:48am
I found an interesting-sounding recipe for quince butter but have lost it now I have some quinces! Does anyone have a recipe for this, please, and would be willing to share it? Thanks.

bluebell42, Apr 4, 6:09am
Wash and chop quince and cook, seeds, skin and all, plus 1 chopped orange, in just enough water to cover. A good 30mins until really squidgy. Rub through a sieve, leaving behind the seeds and skin. Weigh pulp and add equal amount of sugar. Return to pan, stir until sugar is dissolved, stir every now and again, until thick. Jar. Qunices can be cooked liked apples for puds.

deepee5, Apr 4, 8:52pm
Thank you, Bluebell. I'm about to make Membrillo - name sounds more interesting than plain Quince Paste, and thought I would like to try the butter. Now I can, thank you.
I remember about 50 years ago my dad cooked whole quinces in a roasting dish with water and sugar. We ate the quinces with custard and Dad made jelly with the sugar and water. Quite an economical and delicious way to use quinces.

griffo4, Apr 4, 11:46pm
Thank you deepee5 l googled Membrillo and showed it to my sons partner and she was nearly in tears.
She is from Argentina and when l showed her l had made some quince paste she was so happy and she showed me recipes for pasta frol, which is basically a quince paste tart and the one l am going to try uses port to mix up with the quince paste to bring it to a spreading consistency and a sweet pastry.
She pronounced it as mem bree sho

bluebell42, Apr 5, 12:15am
I tried making the paste once. My recipe said boil and I did! Ended up with a kitchen full of sticky fruit splatters. They went everywhere! I use the jam in pies and stuff - it really has got a lovely flavour.

griffo4, Apr 5, 2:54am
l started a thread on here about quince paste and got a recipe using the crockpot and the above site also gives a recipe for the crockpot and other quince recipes and the one below is the TM one.
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=230919
l am going to try it using the crockpot hopefully avoid the splashes and mess

griffo4, Apr 5, 3:07am
Sorry l gave the wrong link l found one for quince butter and it tells you how to do it using the microwave or slow cooker
http://easteuropeanfood. about.com/od/fruits/r/quincebutter. h

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