Chocolate mouse

catlover28, Feb 7, 7:02am
Whats your best recipe!

neon2k, Feb 7, 7:14am
In a microwave,
50g of butter
250g dark chocolate chips
6-8 pieces of favourite chocolate - if you want a coffee flavour etc
150 g marshmellows (no more)
4 tablespoons of boiling water

Beat 300ml of cream until firm.
Fold into melted chocolate mix
Put into glass bowl. Put into fridge of a bit. Yummmm

lodgelocum, Feb 7, 7:15am
Hope you don't really mean "mouse" perhaps "mousse" lol my cat might like a chocolate mouse.

catlover28, Feb 7, 8:11am

My bad!

lodgelocum, Feb 7, 8:14am
You made me laugh.thanks

elliehen, Feb 7, 10:33am

malcovy, Feb 8, 4:13am
That sounds really nice.

griffo4, Feb 8, 4:58am
Thanks for the giggle cat lover my thoughts on that recipe were
first catch your

aktow, Feb 8, 12:43pm
i make my chocolate mousse with half darkchocolate and half white chocolate and Frangelico

miri_s, Feb 8, 12:56pm
I suspend a mousetrap over a simmering chocolate fondue pot and wait.

elsha00, Feb 11, 10:39pm
This one is quite a nice one. Don't let the colour fool you, it's quite rich!

kiwifidget, Feb 11, 10:50pm
tails on or tails off!

lindylambchops1, Feb 11, 11:08pm
Too funny Catlover wants a mouse recipe!

macwood2, Feb 12, 8:24am
aktow can you post your recipe please.

punkinthefirst, Feb 12, 11:22am
There's a bakery in Havelock North that makes chocolate mice.basically, cake crumbs moistened with jam and sherry,mixed with melted chocolate, shaped into a teardrop shape and dipped in melted chocolate.and very yummy they are, too!

miri_s, Feb 12, 12:12pm
Many years ago Eve's Pantry in Epsom used to make chocolate mice filled with.(you guessed it) chocolate mousse!As a child I thought they were wonderful, but looking back now they were probably rather sickly.

catlover28, Feb 12, 8:30pm
Squeak squeak.

dalkemade, Feb 12, 8:49pm
Hi Catlover. I am having a good laugh with some of the replies and thats good that you are taking it with humour.

craig04, Feb 12, 11:39pm
Is a chocolate mouse anything like Harry Potter's chocolate frogs!

uli, Feb 13, 9:09am
First catch your mouse .

uli, Feb 13, 9:13am

uli, Feb 13, 9:13am
Or did you mean this one here!

Chocoholics from around the world will simply adore this wonderful new mouse that is shaped like a chocolate bar. In fact, it looks like someone took a bite out of the chocolate bar which makes it even more appealing somehow. The pictures at least look completely authentic, so all you chocolate lovers out there, start ordering now.

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