Homemade stock

jennyl11, Feb 2, 8:10am
I made some for the first time - beef, but was wondering what people do with the bones, meat etc, because I guess you just drain off the liquid and use that!

vmax2, Feb 2, 8:15am
Strain the liquid.Sort through the bones for the meat, either feed the meat to the dog or eat it yourself, keep some of the fat for cooking too if you like.Chuck the bones out though, too soft once cooked for the dog to eat.Well done.Stock can look revolting at first but gives amazing flavour to food and helps with the digestion.

jennyl11, Feb 2, 8:19am
I cooked it in the crockpot and dont think I used enough liquid as I got about 6 cups of stock. I am trying to eat less processed food and also needed to clean out the freezer ready for the next beef animal so had some shin bones left over

vmax2, Feb 2, 8:25am
I cook mine in a big stock pot so then I can skim off the skum that rises to the top.The scum can give the stock a nasty taste.I like to do a whole chicken in the crockpot though.Did you add veges!

jennyl11, Feb 2, 8:29am
yes I added veges, carrots, potato, onion and garlic, there wasnt really any scum at all I guess cause there wasnt much fat

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