Homemade cider

helen65018, Jan 4, 11:25am
Has anyone made this with success.I have an apple tree which has lots of apples developing on it & thought I'd have a go at making cider.Any tips or guidance welcome

harrislucinda, Jan 5, 8:03am
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lindskii, Jan 5, 8:32pm
Hard or soft cider?What you really need is a good juicer.

buzzy110, Jan 6, 4:18am
I wonder how this would work if you froze most of the bottled product before it ferments? Then you could take out a few at a time a few days in advance and 'finish' the process. At least you wouldn't have to consume vast quantities of it before it went 'off'.

accroul, Jan 6, 5:21am
Dry or sweet?

accroul, Jan 6, 5:32am
ohhhh, lambic fermentation......people in different regions will get different results with this because wild yeasts differ from area to area. If you do follow this recipe, once bottling, leave for a few days for the bottle to firm up, the refridgerate. This will halt the action of lambic yeasts & provided that there is sufficient residual sugars (should be as this will be fairly low abv% - probably a little higher than Bunderberg Ginger Beer), on opening, should be carbonated.

uli, Jan 6, 6:29am
I make apple wine every year - as cider is a bit too harsh for me - but essentially it is the same.

Take apples and juice them - I have a muncher and a huge press, but anything will work.

Pour juice into fermenting vats, check for sugar levels (you'll need a Hydrometer) and add what is needed to balance out, add wine yeast (from brewery shop), close lid, add bubbler and you're away.

I use half of the resulting wine to cook with (pork in apple wine is very nice!) and most of the rest gets turned into cider vinegar. Some bottles get drunk with friends.

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