Yummy Roast Kumara Salad

bradley39, Feb 1, 3:08am
I recently ate a yummo kumara salad, the kumara was roasted it had feta in it and I think bacon, unsure what else or what the dressing was, anyone have something resembling this!

bridget107, Feb 1, 7:34am
Yum! I'm after a similar recipe. My Mum made it over Christmas and it is very good. If you find one like that, let me know!

bridget107, Feb 1, 7:36am
What a cool site this is! http://www.kumara.co.nz/recipes/salads/

bridget107, Feb 1, 7:39am
Here is one I have found really quickly which looks similar to the one I tasted! http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/capital-life/in-the-kitchen/6178528/Not-just-rabbit-food and

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