Mixing melted chocolate with thick cream?

b190, Jan 30, 8:48pm
It always starts to set really quickly and by the time I pour it onto my cheesecake base it has thick glumps of chocolate in it. Still tastes awesome but is there any tips as to how I can mix the melted choc and cream together! I go as fast as I can but it still happens! lol TIA.

ksr, Jan 30, 8:54pm
Do you do over boiling water!

helen65018, Jan 30, 9:15pm
I heat up cream & add chopped choc & use blender to mix.

b190, Jan 30, 9:35pm
I heat the chocolate in the microwave. (it works well and makes it nice and drippy.). helen65018 so you heat the cream and chocolate together!

ksr, Jan 30, 9:45pm
The cream and the chocolate has to be melted together I think - it is the fat in cream or butter that makes the chocolate liquid and silky. imo anyway ;)

daleaway, Jan 30, 11:21pm
I agree with #3 - putting chopped chocolate into hot cream works best.

pickles7, Jan 30, 11:35pm
cream is too cold

auntlb, Jan 31, 12:19am

Cold cream will cool chocolate down quickly so you need to warm the cream up and add to the melted chocolate

rarogal, Jan 31, 1:30am
I have always had the best results heating the two up together, in the microwave, a minute at a time, with a good stir in between. If only a small amount, then half a minute at a time. Has never failed for me.

b190, Jan 31, 5:54am
YAY! It worked melting them both together! Thanks :)

purplegoanna, Jan 31, 8:08am
no not yay until you share your recipe! pleeeeeeeeeease.

b190, Jan 31, 8:10am
Here ya go (throws a piece of cheesecake at the screen)

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