Can anyone tell me how to cook a ham

fatboy6, Apr 2, 8:08am
It is really big,

Do I need to thaw it out.
Do I need to put it in a both for 12hours
How long will I need to cook it.

jag5, Apr 2, 8:37am
Thaw it first. Take the skin off, but not the fat. Score the fat (cut criss crosses through it) at each corner of a square, poke in a whole clove. Make up a glaze from numerous recipes around, bake slowly in a moderate oven, basting with the glaze periodically. Some also use toothpicks to hold pineapple circles in place.

A simple glaze is brown sugar with orange juice, and perhaps a little oil to help it stick. But do a google and you will find heaps of glazes.

fatboy6, Apr 2, 9:07am
It is a raw ham we got it as a christmas bonus. my dp just weighted it and it is 18. 8 lbs

atom-baird, Apr 2, 10:17am
Are you sure it is raw most hams that you get these days are cooked just need glazing

cgvl, Apr 2, 8:58pm
If it is a raw ham ie uncooked (which I am presuming its from a farmer), then you will need a huge pot (or as my mother would say, boil it in the copper) big enough to hold the Ham. You then need to boil it until cooked through which at that size would take up to 8 hours. (usually allow 30mins to the pound).
You can eat it at this point or do as suggested above and remove skin, score and glaze.

noelinevc, Dec 27, 1:11am
I have used this River Cottage recipe. Works well! uk/recipes/155565/Hugh-Fearnley-Whi

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