Where can I buy butter puff pastry in Auckland?

pkv, Jan 17, 10:41am
Am wanting to make some yummy sticky buns - Thanks

kuaka, Jan 17, 11:02am
How do you make buns out of puff pastry!

shop-a-holic, Jan 17, 11:30am
There are many chefs around the world that swear on using puff pastry made from butter only.In some countries you can buy this from supermarket shelves.

Sadly, no commercial puff pastry made purely with butter is available in New Zealand.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 17, 7:56pm
Of course there is! Its made by Edmonds, its pre-rolled, 4 per pack (about $5 a pack) Ingredients are Wheat flour, butter and salt!

Its in the freezer section of any of the major chain supermarkets!

shop-a-holic, Jan 17, 8:24pm
Oh, I do apologise. I must go and check that product out. I thought it contained other ingredients as well. Thank you for the heads up.

elliehen, Jan 17, 8:25pm
Yes, there is an Edmonds brand called Butter Puff Pastry but you really have to hunt for it among all the other Edmonds varieties with similar names.If you check the label, you'll find it has butter only.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 17, 8:32pm
Copied from the pack in my freezer.

"Wheat Flour, Unsalted Butter (25%), Water, Salt, Food Acid (330 ie Citric Acid)."

peterlap1, Jan 17, 9:35pm
Nosh and Farro Fresh have Paneton butter puff pastry,

bill241, Jan 18, 12:48am
Another one wondering how you're going to make buns out of pastry! Just politely being curious.
I'm making sticky buns today too, just made the dough.

pkv, Jan 18, 7:56am
I saw this recipe on the food channel "barefoot contessa'.Here is the link
Looks good, might omit he raisins tho!

Will keep a lookout for the Edmonds one, but otherwise will go to Nosh sometime soon - Thanks

bill241, Jan 18, 8:11am
Oh yep, its the same basic deal as the one I made but with the pastry instead of rolled up yeast dough. I didn't put fruit or pecans or anything on them though, can't be bothered with all that lol

kuaka, Jan 18, 9:54am
They don't really look like sticky buns to me, more like Danish pastries.I wouldn't call it a bun unless it's made with a yeast dough.

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