Kumara Cookbook. has anyone got this?

gizmodaisy45, Jan 10, 12:26am
I was just having a poke around at a bookshop on Saturday and came across this NZ receipe book. Nothing but kumara receipes. I prefare kumara than potatoes. has anyone got this book! I am going to buy it after work.

gizmodaisy45, Jan 10, 12:28am
prefer*(before spelling police tells me off) lol

griffo4, Jan 10, 2:02am
Yes l have the first one but l think the have put out another one as well
l have made a few things out of it and they have come out really nice

wineo, Jan 10, 3:56am
Ido not have the book but have found theses two websites to have excellent kumararecipies and ideas. www.delta kumera.co.nzandkaipara kumera.co.nz

gizmodaisy45, Jan 11, 12:14am
thanks heaps you 2. i brought it yesterday, and there is even a kumara desert and kumara pizza. thanks for the webb site wineo. have saved it to my favourites. i hate potatoes (unless they are chips) and trying to eat better so thought i would do a few kumara dishes.

griffo4, Jan 11, 1:03am
wineo the web addresses are

www.deltakumara.co.nz and www.kaiparakumara.co.nz

Quite a few people get the spelling of kumara wrong which doesn't normally worry me but the links won't work with the wrong spelling

leebee35, Jan 11, 10:00am
What's the cookbook called as I would love one of these. I have atamarillo cookbook. absolutely amazing!Yum Yum

gizmodaisy45, Jan 11, 7:16pm
um, i think its just called the kumara cook book. i brought mine from Bruce Mckenzie in palmy north. for $18.00. The receipes are amazing, and so easy. (they need to be, cos i cant cook). I love the desert part, lol

rendcomb4, May 29, 1:52am
Anyone still wanting these cookbooks - I have the last of them here and a fantastic price of only $10 (RRP: $20.00) email wayneandcarlene@clear.net.nz to order and I can post out to you free of charge. remember to send your postal address and quantity required.

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