Iced Coffee Recipie

cabbagefan, Feb 2, 6:43am
Can asomeone out there, please give me an idea on how to go about making an iced coffee. Ingrediants etc. Had a nice one in Woodville a month or so back. Had ice cream in it.

luckyduck, Feb 2, 6:57am
Make some ice cubes out out milk less coffee, put in bottom of glass, add a scoop of vanilla icecream, I then add a shot of espresso and stir, then if wanted a slurp of whipped cream.

bex32, Feb 2, 7:02am
I put milk, a scoop of ice cream and a shot (double) of espresso in the blender and blend it all up!

cabbagefan, Feb 2, 7:19am
Mmmmm. Thanks will try out tomorrow. Down to the supermarket in morning. Cheers

krazy_kat, Feb 2, 11:21am
I make mine (a jug rather than a glass - its nice to share sometimes... or not! ) with 4 shots of espresso, 2 tblspn sugar and 1 tsp vanilla. Mix that until the sugar disolves. Add milk to your liking. Refridgerate until cold and then pour over vanilla ice cream and if you feel like being naughtier (its not like you aren't already so why stop now! ! ) top with cream and chocolate covered coffee beans.

And another trick which is REALLY good, take the clean glass and pour a little Ice Magic (you know the ice cream topping that goes hard) down the sides and swirl the glass and it will dribble down the sides and go hard when you add the ice cream.

karenz, Feb 2, 11:30pm
Way back in the 60's I used to make it with coffee and chicory essence, you can still buy it in the supermarket.

calista, Jul 26, 6:55pm
Krazy kat that's just decadent - and sooo tempting.

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