Chicken in slow cooker!

nattles88, Dec 24, 10:29pm
Uh oh! Ive lent someone my slow cooker books and I have been asked to do a slow cooker chook for xmas dinner. Its a fairly decent sized one (size 20 or maybe 26) and Im thinking about putting some stuffing in it and putting chooky in a oven bag.
How long do I put her in a slow cooker for! on low or high!

uli, Dec 24, 10:43pm
Why not do it in the oven if it is in a bag anyway!
Much nicer skin browning than in a slow cooker.

And it only takes 11/2 to 2 hours depending in size - rather than 8 or 10 in the slow cooker.

nattles88, Dec 24, 10:47pm
I wont be home long enough today to put it in the oven and then take it out cus I will be milking bloody cows lol. I dont know too much about roasting chickens :(

uli, Dec 24, 10:58pm
Ok then - put it into the slow cooker if you must.

If you have the time to put it into the oven bag all stuffed and trussed up etc. Then ask someone to put it into the oven for you at a designated time - it might work better than the old slow cooker - chicken can come out very soft and non descript from slow cookers.

Good luck whatever way - and the thanks of the nation will be with you when you milk the cows - for your bit to keep the economy going!

Merry Xmas!

nattles88, Dec 24, 11:15pm
yeah the only reason Im a bit hesitant about the slow cooker is the fact that it doesntreally 'brown' and the meat really falls off the bone rather than picking it off so I have to put the seasoning etc between the skin and the meat so I dont lose is when the skin 'slides' off. My timing isnt very good with these chickens lol

uli, Dec 24, 11:20pm
Could you do as I said before - get it all done and into a bag and into the oven so that someone - even yourselves could run away for a few minutes I guess - switch on the oven about 2 hours prior to wanting to eat. The result will be so much better than the crockpot one!

Good luck in any case!

arejaytee1, Dec 26, 9:58pm
we cook all our chooks in a crockpot and would never do it any other way. Yes the skin on the top does go brown but the meat is always moist and tender. We work on 6hrs for a size 12 chicken on low but is no worry if it goes ova as temp is low and will not ruin the chicken

kimkat1, Dec 27, 7:44pm
hahaha I must be still tired as I thought this thread said" Children in slow cookers" . sorry, as you were.

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