Chocolate gateau

rainrain1, Dec 24, 5:36am
is it best made tonight or in the morning thanks
edited to say that I meant to say, put it together tonight or in the morning, the cake is made

debudder, Dec 24, 5:47am
Just finished mine, I like it made the night before, allows flavours to settle and the anache to set, although mine did capsize tonight

cookessentials, Dec 24, 6:03am
I often make desserts the night before and as debudder mentions above, it lets the flavour settle in. I always think they taste much better the next day.

rainrain1, Dec 24, 6:24am
looks like tonight it is then

destiny6nz, Dec 24, 8:38am
can you post the recipe you are using please

cookessentials, Dec 25, 8:59am
How did it turn out rainrain1!

badams1, Dec 25, 6:23pm
Im sure any good cook ,will tell you, anything a day old, the flavours mature. trust you all looking forward to trying out new recipes ,as you come across them. Looking forward to a plain go easy food day,so over rich food, so is my tummy. enjoy your day.

rainrain1, Dec 25, 6:34pm
It was as good as it gets considering I built it, but no more sticky puds, my chooks are going to love and adore me.Even the little wild cat will have cream on her nose today

cookessentials, Dec 26, 5:36am
You shouldnt be so hard on yourself, I am sure it was wonderful. Our cat loves cream, even though, she loves blue cheese even better!

rainrain1, Dec 26, 6:21am
You should saucer her up a riesling to wash it down.!

cookessentials, Dec 26, 6:27am
Well, you never know! she also loves yoghurt, popcorn, prunes ( luckily not too many LOL) I reckon she was a princess in a past life.

rainrain1, Dec 26, 6:30am
Princess Pouff maybe

cookessentials, Dec 26, 8:02am
Oh yes, she is very fluffy and "pouffy" LOL.

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