For anyone wanting to impress guests with homemade

redhead21, Dec 24, 3:35am
icecream, here goes.1 300ml bottle of cream, 1 tin of condensed caramel milk.Beat cream till just firm (not turning to butter).Then tip in condensed milk and mix slowly.Once all mixed pop into old icecream container or cake tin and leave in freezer to set.honestly I am not an icecream lover but this is to die for. Much like youghurt icecream.I can guarantee it.

jessie981, Dec 24, 4:23am
Sounds yum.

logansrun93, Dec 24, 4:42am
yum.sounds soooo going to give it a go.leave it overnight to set!

gerry64, Dec 24, 5:35am
jusr bought myself a new kitcheaise beater and am looking for things to beat so will give it a go - the tin I have says highlander caramel filling is that the same - tins of condensed milk are a bit different over here in OZ

redhead21, Dec 24, 8:37am
yes guess its the same.remember dont beat it so it is turning to butter, has to look like beaten egg whites for a meringue.good luck you will love it.

neo_psy, Dec 24, 9:55pm
Would this work with boiled condensed milk! Dulce de leche style! :)

buzz123, Dec 26, 3:06am
I've made this too with a plain can of condensed milk (as in not caramel), with 500 ml softwly whipped cream, then mix in 3 or 4 mini Kit Kat bars chopped up (or similar - anything you have handy) plus 3 or 4 tbsp of booze (Tia Maria, Kahlua, etc) Give it at least 24 hrs in the freezer - yummo!

dbab, Dec 26, 3:49am
Been using that recipe for years.
I have some raspberry coulis left, and I'm going to stir it through some homemade icecream.

dbab, Dec 26, 7:02am
OMG, it's really good with the raspberry strirred through through plain icecream!

cookessentials, Dec 26, 8:46am
If you watch the DVD, they have a great recipe for ice-cream.

redhead21, Dec 26, 10:57pm
sounds a great combination. will give this a go. ;)

kiwitrish, Dec 27, 7:28pm
Will this work in an ice cream machine!

daleaway, Dec 27, 11:39pm
It's extremely firm with the ratio of only 300ml of cream : one can of ccmilk -- I would use more ( say 450 or 500ml : 1 can of ccmilk )for a more normal textured icecream.

lythande1, Dec 27, 11:41pm
Hmmm. And I always thought it was eggs, cream and sugar.

punkinthefirst, Dec 29, 3:55am
Gerry. Highlander put out cans of Caramel Condensed Milk as well as the old Sweetened Condensed Milk. It tastes the same as the caramel milk we used to make by boiling Condensed Milk for a couple of hours in the tin.
Does the above make sense to you!

I had an icecream recipe somewhere that used a can of evaporated milk, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and the condensed milk can full of cream. If you made it in an icecream maker, you didn't whip anything first. If made in the freezer, you chilled and whipped the evaporated milk, added the condensed milk and any flavouring, carefully, whipped the cream softly and folded it in,then froze the lot in freezer trays, whipping it a couple of times before it froze solid. Pureed fruit could be folded in to the ice cream after the second whipping.

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