***Caramel Highlander Milk***

standard, Dec 23, 7:27pm
Can I use it straight out of the tin to put into pastry shells or will I have to thicken it some how!
Thanks for any help.

dezzie, Dec 23, 7:39pm
its quite thick straight out of the can, but if you mix it, it gets thinner, so I'd think just spoonfuls out of the can would be fine to drop into precooked shells, I've used it like that for cheating making a banoffee pie and it was fine.

southerngurl, Dec 23, 10:37pm
ive just used it straight from the can to make a caramel flan. its quite good.

standard, Dec 24, 12:25am
Thanks, I'm onto it now.

harrislucinda, Dec 24, 12:34am
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