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karenz, Dec 23, 2:42am
Pretty much as the simpler recipes except that I actually prefer lemon to lime, I find lime has an 'old sock' aftertaste and I grate the onion and mash the garlic so people don't get a great whallop of it in their mouths at one time.I also do one bowl with and one without tomatoes as not everybody likes those, interesting to see that most people leave salt out, personally I think it needs it to lift the taste, I sprinkle the salt over the tomatoes rather than add it to the avocado mix though.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 3:45am
It might not be YOUR guacamole pal. it is a very good one, so get over yourself.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 3:52am
did someone ask for authentic! I dont think so.leave your attitude elsewhere, it does not belong here in recipes. You have a cheek telling other posters that their recipes are yuck.

eastie3, Dec 23, 4:52am
hang on cookie,he fits in quite nicely !
Do you think he is one of our regulars,posting under an alias!
Personally I do:
Roughly mashed avos
Finely chopped red onion
Finely chopped red chilli or1 tsp Masterfoods hot chilli flakes
Chopped tomatoes
Coriander,plenty of
Lime (or lemon Juice)
Salt,Black pepper

I don't bother with sour cream,yoghurt etc but will certainly eat it if it's served up to me.People get a bit precious about the purity of recipes and I agree that one or two posted aren't what would be considered 'authentic',but what the hell,it's not being served up to you in a restaurant or cafe.It's the choice of individual posters and they happily and proudly serve it to their family and friends.

My view is that it is an opportunity for the food purists to mock those with a differentand less educated or sophisticated palate.Surely it's just as easy to just taiho and not patronise !

Seasons greetings to all.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 5:33am
Hi eastie3, have not heard from you in a wee while. Mmmm, perhaps. I just cannot understand why there are those that seem to think they are SO above evryone else in regards to what THEY beleive is the RIGHT recipe.just SO SO rude. This IS recipes after all, not a place for food snobs.

davidt4, Dec 23, 5:36am
If the original poster had asked for a recipe for an avocado dip, then all of the recipes given would be appropriate.But the request was for Guacamole,so I think it is reasonable to remark that some of the suggestions were not what was requested.

richard198, Dec 23, 5:43am
You have a cheek calling yourself a cook!
What a joke!
Are you Mexican! I doubt it!
Any "real" Mexican would tell you there is no sour cream in Guacamole (Pal)

cookessentials, Dec 23, 5:45am
Post #1 by the OP
quote=agave1]Hi.Anyone got a good recipe for guacamole to be used as a dip!Thanks.[/quote]well, looks like the op was after guacamole to be used as a dip or are your eyes playing up!

richard198, Dec 23, 5:46am
Steady on! Don't flatter yourself so much!

cookessentials, Dec 23, 5:52am
Oh grow up for goodness sake.who died and made you Gordon Ramsay ( or should I say, Julia Child)

cookessentials, Dec 23, 5:54am
try reading the first post.

uli, Dec 23, 5:59am
Typical funny cooks et al thread.

If someone asks for a "guacamole" recipe - then why would you give a recipe that has all sorts in it that "guacamole" hasn't!

Why NOT give an AUTHENTIC recipe!

What on earth is wrong with you all to think that an "authentic" recipe is something that should NOT be given! Instead we get recipes that proclaim: "We eat things we like. Does not mean yours is not nice, just haven't tried it yet."

Are you all crazy - or what!

richard198, Dec 23, 5:59am
Are you the official "moderator" in these threads!
Dream on!

richard198, Dec 23, 6:01am
Apparently, only cookessentials can be right!
Everyone else is their sous chef!

cookessentials, Dec 23, 6:02am
The same person who died and made you saurkraut.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 6:03am
How childish you are.if you actually READ the first post they want guacamole used as a dip which actually means that sour cream is perfectly acceptable. This is the recipe section love, not the culinary institute.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 6:07am
if you wish to give an "authentic" recipe, then go for it.that was not the issue. The issue is with upstarts who come in and say "yuck" to anyone elses recipe offered to the OP. I note, also someone who I dont think has ever been here apart from the last day or so and then thinks they have the right to rubbish other posters recipes. It is up to the OP to decide which recipe they want to use is it not!

ant_sonja, Dec 23, 6:09am
Guacamole is in itself a 'dip' kind of food, why add unnecessary ingredients and complicate things!

richard198, Dec 23, 6:09am

richard198, Dec 23, 6:10am
So what are you doing here!

cookessentials, Dec 23, 6:22am
Might also pay to read what Helen actually said in regards to a "dip" have a wee look at post #16. Been here since 2003, how about you!

chatsmom, Dec 23, 6:26am
Gosh, I come back to this after supplying a recipe only to find a flame going on - wow!
I've been living through the quakes today so some of you need to take a deep breath and get over yourselves!
Sorry I posted with yoghurt but its a good way our house to make it 'creamy' and thus more palatable to the kids.

iriegirl, Dec 23, 6:31am
Tis the season to be jolly, fa a la la la. smile fellow foodies and take it from me, just be grateful you aren't living where I do! Seasons greetings and peace & love to all xox

cookessentials, Dec 23, 6:32am
Nothing wrong with the way you make it chatsmom.make what you and your family enjoy, thats the important thing. The rude poster has only been offering their "opinion" since December this year, hopefully, they might learn a few manners over time.

chatsmom, Dec 23, 6:36am
Good sentiments, Cookessentials, thank you! Merry Xmas!

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