Chocolate mousse

chooky, Dec 16, 7:59pm
Hi, has anyone ever brought the chocolate mousse they sell in the deli department in New World. Just wondered what it taste like. Thanks.

cookessentials, Dec 16, 8:39pm
No, I have tried the Tararua one ( not sure if this is the one you meant!) it is nice and a good enough substitute for home made mousse if you are short on time.

chooky, Dec 16, 9:43pm
Yes it is the trararua one, did you use it as is or add anything to it. Thanks.

buzzy110, Dec 16, 10:05pm
Have you read the packaging! I'm pretty certain there is a recipe written on it to help those who have never used it. Otherwise why not try this site:!q=tararua+chcolate+mousse&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Tararua has posted number of links to recipes for this product.

elliehen, Dec 16, 10:24pm
This Black Forest trifle is a good place to use Tararua chocolate mousse.It's really Christmassy too, and has been tried and enjoyed by many messageboarders.

cookessentials, Dec 16, 10:35pm
I use it for my black Forest trifle chooky ( when I dont Make my own mousse) Elliehen has alluded to it just above.

chooky, Dec 16, 10:56pm
Thanks for this everyone, I saw it in New World the other day but it was so busy, too many people to stop and read the packaging.

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