Crumbed Onion Rings

_sloth_, Mar 29, 1:05am
Hi, does anyone know how to make these? Have tried googling and searched on here but no easy recipes. They are to go in burgers, but I am really after the crumbed ones like Burger King etc. Thanks!, Mar 29, 1:11am
the commercial ones are reconstituted onion with binders to hold it together, they are extruded and dropped into a sticky glutenous mixture then coated in 'crumbs'

why not just dip onion rings - nice and thick - in flour then egg then roll in your desired coating.

_sloth_, Mar 29, 1:13am
Yeah but that's what I need - the coating. Is it breadcrumbs etc etc? I know homemade are alot nicer than commercial, I just don't know how to make them, Mar 29, 1:25am
if you want the fine crumb. . then yes you can use commercially made bread crumbs. . (of if you have a food processor dry out a loaf in the oven until its hard. . then process until fine) there is also a very fine golden crumb that can be found in the Asian section as its used to coat sushi and other fried bits and bobs.

_sloth_, Mar 29, 1:40am
Sorry Maxwell - a bit of a misunderstanding. I meant I don't know how to make onion rings, not breadcrumbs. Just made some and they are beautiful (also made my own breadcrumbs) :). Thanks!, Mar 29, 1:53am

fisher, Mar 29, 4:32am
sloth try these... .
Deep Fried Onion Rings
Slice onions into rings, leave whole and soak in milk. In a bowl, place flour, pinch of salt, little white pepper and 1 tbsp of paprika. Mix well.
Dredge rings in the flour mix and place handful at a time into hot oil. Drain on paper towel... . .

crsdbl, Dec 15, 3:09pm
i used to give my onion rings a quick nuke in the microwave to soften them up.
i like my onion rings to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
then i would just crumb as usual (flour- egg wash- crumbs)

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